279: Computer Mouse

It was announced today that Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer passed away today after a long battle with pancreatic cancer:

It is my considered opinion that Apple Computers lead a revolution in personal computing for many reasons, an important one being the re-introduction of the computer mouse as an integral pointing device for a graphical user interface that drove the computer.

They did not invent it – that particular landmark belongs to Douglas Engelbart’s computer mouse, whose patent was issued in 1970 for a X-Y Position Indicator For A Display System, but I think the Macintosh computer helped popularise it and it seemed to take the PC world years to catch on to this great idea – Jobs saw it immediately.

The world needs visionaries – good visionaries persist as figureheads of successful ventures and Apple’s success in part is directly attributable to the charisma and marketability of the man. Rest in Peace Steve Jobs.

A more complete photo diagram is here:

Have a go at it using this diagram

10 thoughts on “279: Computer Mouse

  1. I would like to make this origami but I don’t understand how to pass from the stage 4 to the stage 5… I didn’t find other tutorial… thank you for help

  2. I’ve studied those instructions over and over and i still cant figure out how to get from step 4 to step 5. Any tips?


    1. with the fish base, it an easy opening up of the top layer of paper adding a new fold half-way across each triangle – this causes the 2 upper points to fold down and the large flap at bottom to round out in 3d a little – that large flap is then turned inside out to make it convex instead of concave

  3. I have successfully made it just seeing the photographs given above. later on scrolling down i found your picture instructions. Thanks.

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