394: Fagus “Scruffy” Poplar

Ladies and gentleffolk, may I introduce to you Master Fagus Poplar, Scruffy to his friends:

this little chap is but 20cm tall, toes to tip of hat and is quite lovely, in the eyes of the folder.

Folded, from memory, trying a new technique for coat, shoulders, hat and arms, I quite like the fact he is waving. My hope is that he will stick around at the Origami exhibition that opens in the Holland Park Library this month.

Folded, well mostly folded in ONE supervision period last week, left unfinished for nearly 2 weeks before last minute fiddling encouraged his personality to emerge from the general form.

You can probably tell I am quite taken with this collapse – it is like magic when a piece of paper that is huge accordions into a small, intricate and cute thing like this.

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