WTF (What’s That Fold?) #6

Ok boys, girls and small green aliens from alpha centauri, I present to you clues for this week’s WTF (What’s That Fold?) also model #434

I start with an enormous square (using a square cut from an a1 ish sheet of litho, no idea if it should be nice side up or down so I just guessed. Using the ourPAD as the repository of instructions and not yet known if I will need anything from my origami toolbox:

The square is collapsed into a sort of preliminary base like so:

After a squash, I then “petal” fold the top but like so:

After some twisting, squashing and swivelling, you get this:

After a little more wrangling, it looks like this:

Which, with some wrangling layers inside becomes this:

Folded in half it looks like this:

And with a little shaping, ends up looking like this:

Congratulations Libbie on successfully guessing it is in fact an Elephant, designed by Sipho Mabona – very elephantine indeed

Any guesses? The successful guesser gets the model (if they want it, and are willing to help with postage if necessary), and kudos for being fold-aware.

Put your thinking caps on and hop to it … will close this weekend!

11 thoughts on “WTF (What’s That Fold?) #6

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  2. good morning
    I’m a little folder and I want to know if you have a tutorial or an elephant’s folding diagram sipho Mabona or not or can we buy it because I got a bend with PC but the model remains to small
    it has been two years since I try to find the right folds I’m stuck with the front legs
    if you can help me thank you in advance
    and thank you for your answer
    have a good day

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