437: Perambulator

When I first saw photos of this model, I could not believe it was folded from a single sheet, without cuts, folds only:

In case you were wondering, this was WTF (What’s That Fold?) # 8. I was determined to give it a go. Noticing it was made from hundreds of pleats, and given the crease pattern folded down to 64ths in places, I upscaled the suggested paper size (to a 70cm square of 80GSM brown Kraft) to allow for my fat, clumsy fingers to make the creases.

The net effect of the upscale, however, is that the finished model is HUGE – big enough for a full-sized doll (no, I do not have a full sized doll, or reasonable substitute), but wow.

There are so many things to be impressed about with this design – the wheels are genius, and interlock then fan out and even have tyres. The canopy is a perfect expression of alternative pleating, the basket is solid and self-supporting.

Apart from a couple tiny bits of double sided tape to stop the side seams from spreading, this model is self supporting, stable and really quite beautiful – one sheet (a square) – so much detail.

The pre-creasing was exhaustive and at times confusing, I cannot imagine making it on the recommended 35cm square – the folds would be beyond my skill I fear.

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