457: Happy Book (WTF#18)

Fernando Gilgado is a legendary character folder, I have made many of his models, this one is a charmer:

from one sheet of paper, you get 6 pages, a hard cover, arms, legs, a smile and eyes peeping over the top – neat

So, as I mark furiously (having run out of the ability to put it off any longer), my procrastigami takes hold and I started bending something. I also wanted to try out my new self-healing craft mat (the green griddy thing) and have discovered that folding from an iPad or other tablet is better than a book because of the pinch-zooming possible to help old eyes see details of diagrams.

You take a square, divide it into eights


collapse again

then wrangle

And wrestle the left hand side into a base

then rinse and repeat on the right hand side to form the base.

Then carefully you tease two flaps down and thin them …

Then you tease flaps up to look something like this prior to modelling

Then after a little shaping we get this…

This was WTF#18 – Justin Naschin correctly guessed it (finally) – good work

Pity it is not self-standing, I think I can re-work the legs a little so it is less flimsy but I think this needs to be folded bigger so I can get a better facial expression

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