458: Lang’s Flying Grasshopper = Jemima Cricket = WTF# 20

Sometimes I just need to fold, it is difficult to explain but I find great clarity in wrestling with complex geometry. We ALL have much to learn GRASSHOPPER. 

Having bought Robert Lang’s “Origami Insects Volume 2” I thought it was high time to fold something from it.

Lang’s models are great technical exercises, amazing manipulations of the plane to the extraordiary.

I am also searching for a model to use a sheet of Origamido paper I have on, but will not use it as a first fold – it costs too much.

There is lots to like with this model, and it was a good WTF exercises – sadly my origami friends probably recognised it immediately and my other friends had no clue.

I had a yearning to bend something complicated, turned to a favourite Sensei’s book and started this:

Oddly, this is based on a reference point that is 0.3710 that is arrived at via a lovely geometric construction, then you “almost” (1.6mm off here, 3.2mm off there) use it to fold much of the rest of the creases – lol.

Anyways, after some wrestling (and no little amount of swearing) you wrangle it into a protobase

then do a bunch of flap tucking to double the number of stickey-outey parts to get the base

the, with a bunch of “trademark” sinks to hide most of the paper

you engage in layer rearrangement

stretching and massaging

and then the details begin to emerge when you fold it longditudinally

You then swivel some of the flaps symmetrically to differentiate body parts

By massaging one end of some central layers, we can add some details

We then bend horrendously thick stickey-outey bits, bending them one way and the other using rabbit ear folds (no, it is NOT a rabbit)

surely this is now easily identifiable (at least in overall morphology)?

This is WTF (What’s That Fold?) # 20 – any idea about 2 things:

  1. What is the model going to be and
  2. Who is the designer?


5 thoughts on “458: Lang’s Flying Grasshopper = Jemima Cricket = WTF# 20

  1. I could tell what this was by looking at the precreasing. Sorry for not commenting sooner. Lang’s flying grasshopper.

    1. most origami forum members would eat this comp up – I mostly advertise it on Facebook – many of my friends are interested but not origamists, which makes the guessing more fun

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