Vermillion Oncidium

…so a friend was in Osaka Japan, and found some paper, rolled and posted it home to me – one of the sheets was this lovely hot orange flecked with gold leaf.

Orchids sprang to mind, so I cut the sheet (the first cut is the hardest) into 6 graduated squares with nearly no wastage and then folded Lang orchid blooms from them.

I made a wire armature to serve as a stem and after some MC to stiffen (and close gaping seams) and some florists tape to affix the blooms we end up with quite the loveliest thing.

It is a gift, I hope Daz and Amanda love it even half as much as I do … hard to part with but there you are – origami is ephemeral and often designed to be gifted.

If YOU were to want this, how much would it be worth? Each flower takes about an hour plus posing and mounting. Should I consider a stall at the Staff market day?

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