480: Dollar Formula 1 Racer

On receiving a lovely hard cover copy of “Extreme Origami” by Won Park from Book Depository (wow, how do they offer those prices, delivery times and no postage???) I naturally skipped to the back and looked for the nastiest fold to try:

This model is insane – I chickened out folding it on notes because the pre-creasing into 32nds with my fat clumsy fingers was not possible I thought so I scaled up and used plain paper for my first fold.480DollarFormula1Views

Designed to use 2 notes, joined at the cockpit, it has air foils, spoilers, a seat and the most lovely wheels.480DollarFormula1Scale

Won Park is a design genius – the book is brimming with models I must try and many I will commit to actual currency.

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