69: Space Shuttle

Now I read, after the fact, that the Space Shuttle “Discovery” landed for the last time, and I gather it will not go up again.

I quite like this model, fairly simple folds but the shape relies on shaping and puckering in places to indicate lines – neat indeed.

You too can have a go: http://www.nickrobinson.info/origami/diagrams/shuttle1.htm

5 thoughts on “69: Space Shuttle

  1. Since you put this model in the sci-fi category and I can tell your research is quite good, maybe you can help me with something:

    I had an SR-71 Blackbird pattern that I loved. Made with shiney black paper it produced an awesome replica. But I seem to have lost the pattern. I know it was in a book, and I know I did not loan out that book so I have been baffled for a long time trying to figure out why I cannot find it. In any case, I have several times over the years wanted to make that model again…

    Do you know the model I am referring to (I have actually only ever seen one such model) or happen to have it/seen it in your research? If you can point me toward reacquiring that pattern I would be very grateful.

    1. lol, not really scifi, more like science fact but i needed a category and my category tree is expanding in rediculous ways.

      I have not seen your blackbird model, but will keep my eyes open for it

      1. Weird how things happen – I actually found it here today while looking for something else entirely.

        Thanks for the prompt response. I’m looking forward to you successfully completing your quest (gets easier if you avoid cobra models 😉

        1. lol, indeed – including things like the Cobra are important to me, but I gotta pace myself a little better, last month was nuts

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