522: House Module – Group Activity

As a teacher, I have a pastoral care group of students from multiple year levels, many initial strangers and new students at the start of the year.image

I look for an activity that we can all focus on, conversations and collegiality usually follows.

Francis Ow published diagrams on a “house” module (strangely appropriate) and hints on how to compose large structures using lots of them.image

Sooooo … I taught my year 11s how to fold them, they had to teach the year 8s who had to teach others – a snowball effect created 96 individual modules that were then connected into bunches of 4, making the 24 vertices that then slotted into 2 hemispheres and finally a single hemisphere – wow.image

Happy with the outcome, the chaps got a sense of the sum of parts making the whole, that participation is the reward and we have a pretty cool thing to call ours.

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