530: Crown of Thorns

I am always on the lookout for something to keep my hands busy in the boring bits of the day. At the moment, many of my classes are doing assignment work, when they do not need assistance, rather than sit idle I fold:530cot

This “Star Twirl Torus”, designed by Yuri Shumakov, was a bit of a mistake – I must learn to read the fine print (you know, the bit that says “now repeat this 196 times”) – facepalm.

A simple module, 6 of which interlock to form an overlapping hexagonal star that is part of a twirl that keeps going. I sourced 6 different colours, sort of spectrum-themed and began to fold.530dev

This model has taken 3 weeks to complete. With enough modules (yes, 196 of them) there is enough “give” in the model to bend back on itself and join head to tail.

You can either join it up as is or give it a full twist in either direction before joining it – both are interesting.530views

This is an action model – you can continually turn it inside out, resulting in freakish trippy colour changes and a sort of hypnotic spiral effects I have not seen since parties in the 70s.530cot2

Not sure I would ever fold this again, it is hoopy none the less.

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