75: Knight In Armor

Now Jo is researching Castles, we aim to stay in one when in England next year (for my Long Service Leave) and it occurred to me that a knight in armor was possible:I would like to pretend this was my first-fold – in truth however, it is the first SUCCESSFUL attempt after long abandoning it as a younger Origamist. I have less than fond memories of this model – it is from the book “More Origami” by Robert Harbin, a fold I never prior was able to achieve – I had given it up as “too hard”. Interestingly, when I tried it today it seemed easy – my skill level must have improved I guess.

I admire this model, a Neil Elias classic, because the arms seemingly come out of nowhere, you crimp a flat flap and suddenly you have elbows, arms and hands – neat. It is also free-standing also which is nice.

3 thoughts on “75: Knight In Armor

  1. i have Robert Harbins book with this knight patten in and ive tried over and over again but I keep getting stuck on the legs! any advice?

    1. The stretch to get them wide (and small collapse to make that sit flat), thinning and then swivel to make them point down from the body is tricky but, with patience (looking carefully at the direction of the creases indicated in the diagram) it is doable – I remember the feeling of first getting it right. – see additional photos I will add to the post
      stretch explained

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