575: (25/365) A Cautionary Tale (Part 3)

Look away, look away … we are going to need a bigger boat:

Interestingly, people’s opinions of sharks in Australia, particularly by those who do not live here, varies from reality markedly. One would believe, if one believed what you see in the media, that sharks are a problem, everyone gets attacked – this is far from the truth.

Although this is a stereotypical tale of woe, I was interested in the folding sequence as each of the tree parts use different bases, wildly different techniques initially and yet there is consistency when you get to the final shaping.

Colour change models are amazing – I am not sure how you plan for them, I must investigate design more as it takes a special type of crazy to get the right colour in the right place.

Enough wildlife bashing, onward and upward. I would like there to be more stewardship of the seas, sharks form an important part in the food chain, decreasing their numbers via indiscriminate methods like drum lines and nets also kills other things and is not very smart, environmentally. We can do better.

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