586: (36/360) Gaikotsu Figure

Now I am not really one for card-based rpg/gattle games – Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic the gathering, but I know they have a huge and passionate fan-base. Trolling through a Tanteidan I found a curious little skeletal character and decided to fold it:

A modular, in 3 bits (head, shoulders, knees+toes … everybody sing..), it struck me as a cutie little skeleton.

I then went on the interwebs only to discover this character is part of a vast universe collection of macabre boney critters that battle each other, almost certainly have anime series dedicated to them and a number of animated series in Japan.

Having tried to work out for myself how to fold a skeleton from a single sheet, and always getting stuck isolating enough paper for arms and ribs, pelvis and legs, I can see why the designer opted for 3 bits of paper.

I have seen other related folds, whole power suits and exoskeletons but I am not sure I am enough of a fan to bother pursuing this universe much more.

I like that he (or she, who can tell?) is poseable, arms and legs are simple, long and he has been in crazy poses in lots of places around our house since I folded him.

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