618: (68/365) Plesiosaurus

Prehistory must have been an amazing time, evidence of such fantastical beasts continue to boggle the mind. The air was full of ferocious snappy things, land was populated by ferocious snappy things and the oceans were the same:

This is Lu Hao’s “Plesiosaurus”, a rich, dense and interesting fold that results in a serpentine necked swimming snappy thing after a complex process of hiding most of the sheet.

It seems the head is on upside down, necessitating an odd mobius-like twist to get the jaw on the bottom, but I like the body and fin shaping, clever layer management.

As is often the case with long-limbed/necked critters, you have to waste a LOT of paper, this model cleverly tucks it inside the body, giving it a 3d feel.

I think I used too smaller a bit of paper, the details on the head were difficult to control and the fins were fiddly, but overall I am impressed with the faithful morphology of this model, at least in terms of what I assume the critter looked like, paleontologists  would not lead us astray – right?

As for colour – I have no idea what colour it should have been – there seems NO actual evidence as to their colouration, markings etc. Basing it on the colours of analogous contemporary animals seems fraught with danger.

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