631: (81/365) Four Cubes

Sometimes a modular is deceptively complex, this 6-part modular from David Mitchell is no exception:

Four cubes, interwoven in evil ways has done my head in for days now, I simply could not (1) imagine the shape it was going to end up; and (2) make the modules connect in ways that made sense.

Many failed attempts later I came upon a strategy – over this, under this and inside that – each “cube” is a concurrence of 3 modules each 90 degrees to the other, each a half twist away – arrrrggghhh.

I noted (and dismissed) the header on the diagrams that said this was a complex modular – yeah, right thought I, how complicated can it get?

I remember the frustration of the 5 intersecting tetrahedra, and the elation when it just sort of jelled – similar thing here, snarly bastard of a modular it is.

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