637: (87/365) Cyclonic Spiral

Currently, North Queensland is being beaten up by Cyclone “Debbie”:

Australian cyclones are huge. As weather systems go, we do them big down under and “Debbie” was once a category 4 (which is nearly Category 5, for the folks at home) which on a scale of “is that a cloud” to “fuck, most of my town is missing” is right up there. I hope all in the storm zone are safe, having lived through some pretty harrowing cyclones in my time it is not fun.

I wanted to do a glorious, large, intricate, spiral inspired fold for today. Time is not on my side however (end of term, marking apocalypse, deadlines set to kill me etc)

This is 4 bits of paper spiralling. It is quite small. It does not really resemble a cyclone in ANY way, bar the metaphor, sorry.

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