659: (109/365) I WANT To Believe

Now I am not so conceited as to think that humans are the only intelligent life in the universe, but the more I understand about humans, the more I am convinced that the sure proof there IS intelligent life elsewhere is the fact that they have in no way attempted to contact us. Nothing. Not a peep:

I want to understand what form extra terrestrial life might take, but I am continually confounded by plethora of lifeforms on this planet.

I am sure that ET will not resemble the Sci-Fi little green carbon-based bipedal life we see in popularist imagery.

This is Anna Kastlunger’s skull – a very “little green man” interpretation of that theme. I folded it from emerald-coloured Japanese foil. I a lovely little thing it is.

“Take me to your lizard” would have to be one of my favourite opening lines muttered by a fictional extra-terrestrial. Thank you Douglas Adams for that imagery.

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