100: Elias’s “Last Waltz” for Lindy and Randy’s Wedding

Lindy and Randy get married today, which is actually yesterday (curse this linear time) and as a MILESTONE fold I thought I would attempt Neal Elias’s “Last Waltz”:Fittingly it is a bride and groom dancing at their wedding. there is much to love about this model – it WORKED first fold, contains 2 figures (joined at the hip) and they have a fairly natural posture, are both dressed formally (him in a suit and her in a meringue) and it is free standing.He has his hands on her shoulder and waist, she is reciprocating and the model withstands viewing from all angles.Made from a 3×1 rectangle cut from white wrapping paper (testing it out for a larger snake project later), when made with 2-sided paper he ends up a different colour to her – very clever indeed.

A joy to fold, another joy to attend Lindy and Randy’s wedding via UStream – hope this is a fitting wedding present.

3 thoughts on “100: Elias’s “Last Waltz” for Lindy and Randy’s Wedding

  1. What an AWESOME wedding present!! Thanks Wonko for this most special of treats!! If at the end of the year, after the 365 are photographed you decide we can keep this one, we would love to have it as a keepsake.
    Randy and Lindy-O

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