April, Done and Dusted


Looking at this collection of models, I get a little wobbly to be honest. Laying them out on the floor to photograph them I realised how much time I am sinking in to this project – not sure if that is sustainable. Maybe more “rock” origami is required 😛

There were some seriously snarly models this month, many personal milestones, it has been an interesting ride so far – hope my patience, abilities and selection of as yet un-tried models lasts the distance. I gotta do some simpler ones I think, too many Joisel’s or Lang’s in a month is a recipe for fatal paper cuts.

Hope you, the blog reader, are also enjoying the journey.

5 thoughts on “April, Done and Dusted

  1. That was a seriously big month. The cobra alone must have taken a huge amount of time. I’m glad I’m watching and enjoying rather than having to do the work.

  2. I have to say you have made an outstanding contribution to my April!!! Thank you so much.

    Keep up the good work and it is ok to have the odd rock, pebble, free form or single fold art piece if it gets you to continue.

    We are loving the ride watching from afar!!!

    Lindy and Randy

  3. Definitely a lot of ambitious models this month, it’s an impressive collection.

    I’ve been doing a model for my daughter’s lunchbox every school day, you might find some useful ideas on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/59116990@N03/

    I’m doing mostly simpler models, they have to be small enough to fit in the lunchbox, and I’m not willing to dedicate too much time each night…

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