906: (356/365) Top of the Food Chain

As custodians of this planet, we do a pretty lousy job overall at looking after it. We see apex predators as threats and demonise them for acting naturally in their own domain:

In Australia, we employ shark nets which each year kill more OTHER things things than keep out sharks – time to think more about our place in this complex ecosystem. It is heartening to see activist groups like Sea Shepherds and Greenpeace actively working to change peoples perspectives but our News and media have much to learn about this – headlines are seductive but rarely paint a balanced or objective picture.

This is Kade Chan’s Shark, a lovely design that I folded from some beautiful black/silver grey wrapping paper that I rescued.

One thought on “906: (356/365) Top of the Food Chain

  1. What a lovely fold you’ve done here Wonko!
    Our Sea Shepherd campaign for the sharks is called Apex Harmony and we are working very hard to change public perceptions. As you have pointed out, those media headlines are hard to push against as they are so pervasive. Many mainstream media outlets just love the scary headline and so do the politicians. Let science and logic reign!

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