966: Green Turtle

As part of an origami challenge on Fakebook, we were challenged to fold the Green turtle from Origami Pro #4, designed by Jang Yong Ik :

green Turtle designed by  Jang Yong Ik

I split off a square from a 70cm roll of black/natural Ikea Kraft and started the diagonal pleat pre-creasing.

Over a period of a couple of weeks, fitting it into life, the universe, and everything, I folded this intense model, really determined to enjoy the process.

turtle cousins?

This is the second super-complex turtle (the other by Satoshi Kamiya) I have attempted, and I constantly amazed by the skills of designers that can imagine hideosly complex components in the middle of a sheet, then skillfully work the remnants into the other features – genius.


I really enjoyed this fold, the initial tessellation is really clever and the head/front flipper construction is amazing.


My only criticism, if I am allowed, is that, for all the paper back there, the back flippers are nearly non existent – pity, but it is the only flaw in a brilliant design.

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