Tetrahedra Revisited

…so I was bugged that as tiny little triangles, in white, I found it impossible to complete the 5 intersecting shape thing, so I went to the school copy room and asked for some colourful Copy paper – A4.

I got 5 strong colours, cut squares, made them into thirds, total of 6 strips per tetrahedra, 5 tetrahedra – total of 30 bits of paper, 1-2 minutes to fold each unit, 3-5 minutes each to place and lock into surrounding units and it is done.

I find this shape fascinating, and the order of the pattern was only evident after I had completed it – from simple shapes, great complexity and beauty can arise.

2 thoughts on “Tetrahedra Revisited

  1. You are so right about this one! You only see how simple it is to put together once you have struggled to put it together, if you know what I mean! I love the FIT and make one or two a year, just because I am a bit nerdy that way 😉

    1. nice comment, thanks – It was an interesting collab exercise – my boys (I am a teacher) were able to see it made from nothing, and suggest solutions – nice result in relatively little time (and nice to do a fold in colour for a change)

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