844: (294/365) Our House, is a very very very fine house …

Posted by wonko on October 21, 2017 in 365-2017, domestic, geometry |

It seems to be the season for buying houses. A couple of my work colleagues have, individually, in the last little while purchased houses:

The “Great Australian Dream” apparently is to own your own home – this seems irrefutable proof that it is still entirely possible. Read more…

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843: (293/365) Origami Architecture

Posted by wonko on October 21, 2017 in 365-2017, geometry |

I was doodling with a 17cm square, divided into an 8×8 grid and collapsed, via a photodiagram (and a bit of wrestle-magic) into a curious but possibly useful surface corrugation/tessellation:

With an exercise in patience, fold accuracy and layer management, a “swastika”-like collapse becomes a sunken 4 segment recess, then the edges tidy up with some propagatible pleats, making this tesselatable. Read more…

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842: (292/365) Divided Bowl

Posted by wonko on October 20, 2017 in 365-2017, boxes |

Doodling with a traditional birdbase, I noticed a way to open it up so there were 4 equal sized partitions that I could get to go flat:

Researching a little, it seems Jun Maekawa pioneered this, and also suggested a lovely corner locking mechanism that made the whole structure quite stable.

I can see this as actually useful – it is really efficient as a use of paper so you could feasibly make one that is the right size for nuts, lollies etc for parties.

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841: (291/365) Shuriken

Posted by wonko on October 18, 2017 in 365-2017, geometry |

Now I am pretty sure that “ninja stars” were not really a thing, but – meh:

This rather charming woven six-pointed star is an interesting exercise in re-working a square into a windmill-like hexagonal base. Read more…

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840: (290/365) Gaff’s Electric Sheep

Posted by wonko on October 17, 2017 in 365-2017, mammal |

Origami has featured in cinema in many ways. The Blade Runner franchise uses origami figures to accentuate certain story points and the most recent movie features an elderly “Gaff”, in a retirement home, folding a sheep:

After some research it seems the model was a tweaked Jun Maekawa model. tweaked because the original has curled horns that would make a quick-shot less clear on screen. Read more…

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839: (289/365) Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport!

Posted by wonko on October 16, 2017 in 365-2017, mammal |

I am always on the look out for well designed Kangaroos:

Interestingly, the best ones are often designed by people who do not have them around. This delightful 2-part model is designed by Kunihiko Kasahara, from the book “Origami Made Easy”. Read more…

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838: (288/365) Maine Lobster

Posted by wonko on October 15, 2017 in 365-2017, crustacean |

A 365 Challenge is a mixture of blessing and curse:

The relentless schedule amidst a full time job and part time life is challenging at times. I started this model last weekend but ran out of weekend before it was finished. Read more…

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837: (287/365) Jackson’s Chameleon

Posted by wonko on October 14, 2017 in 365-2017, reptile |

Looking for a nice, rich, challenging fold for the day, I knew I needed to try a model from Robert Lang:

This is his model “Jackson’s Chameleon” – a deliciously complicated model with all the chameleonic bits you expect.

Working with a slightly un-square square of light green washi, the pre-folding is fascinating, layer management and seemingly impossible moves abound – there were many times I thought I had screwed up, only to find out that it worked. Read more…

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836: (286/365) Pteranodon

Posted by wonko on October 14, 2017 in 365-2017, dinosaur |

I for one think collectors of fossils need to be really careful piecing together extinct animals from scant remains.

Many a time illogical collections of bones have been cobbled together to bamboozle the public and, at first glance, a Pteranodon seems about illogical as a platypus. Read more…

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835: (285/365) Coyote

Posted by wonko on October 14, 2017 in 365-2017, mammal |

It is a full moon, 24 miles south of the OKish Corral, and the local Coyotes are howling:

This rather cute wolf/dog/coyote…thing is a rather nicely structured quadruped that I think is a useful base for modelling other such critters.

It is part of a collection of wolves/howling things I looked out for when a particular house at school decided to use a howling wolf as their mascot this year. Read more…

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