UoD - STRIPart - PLAN of a TACK

of your

[ m a n ] [ m a c h i n e ] [ w o r k ] [ p l a y ]

Looks like a nail - no, it is a tack!

This began as a simple idea - images that are obviously sections of other (larger) images are interesting to look at in their own right. By removing the larger context of the entire image, you are free to focus on aesthetics that would otherwise go unnoticed.

wOnKo's first experiments in this can be found [ H E R E ] and are simple applications of rollover images. When viewed together the textural intonations of the combination of images does matter to the overall mood of the montage. Playing with an image in the montage alters, slightly, the mood.

[ PIGMENT of your IMAGINATION ] is designed to explore themed collections of visual textures - the themes of MAN, MACHINE, WORK and PLAY are loose concepts of everyday life and are merely a test-bed for the idea.

[+] find a theme that you like the sound of
[+] pick a colour that pleases you from the spectrum presented
[+] select either the LIGHT or DARK of that colour and save it to your computer.
[+] using whatever graphics program you like, staying within that tonal range, come up with something that you think represents that theme, colour and level of darkness
[+] using NO COMPRESSION save and email the result back to me as a JPG and I'll post it for you.

[-] all property of this project is communal property, this is a NON-profit making exercise
[-] maintain the image size AS IS
[-] when you create your image, have in the back of your mind the existing aesthetic of your chosen theme - this should not be a binding principle, merely a consideration when making your image (it needs to be able to co-exist with others)
[-] use your imagination and take your time ensuring your image is interesting to you

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