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Hi-Lo A classic Number guessing Game

Interface Customising:

HiLo Screen

Notice, the components are in tabbed groups, they can be dragged and dropped into the screen, positioned crudely one above the other by default.

If you want to ARRANGE components, you can use LAYOUT controllers to crudely position objects in tables and horizontal/vertical stacks (as I have done here)

Renaming components makes programming easier. Some have been done for you, let's complete the process:

  • change textBox1 to be txtGuess
  • change button1 to btnGuess
  • change Label4 to labFeedback

Now change display properties of each:

  • labTitle.Text to "Hi Lo"
  • imgBrand.picture to "hilo.png", .width to 150px, .height to 150px and tick ScalePictureToFit
  • leave labMystery - later we will change it's .visible to FALSE by unticking the box, leave it visible for now - we will display our mystery number her while debugging
  • Change labBounds.text to "I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100"
  • Change txtGuess.hint to "Type your guess number here"
  • Change btnGuess.text to "Submit"
  • Change labFeedback.text to "type in a guess and press SUBMIT"

ADD a button at the bottom, rename it btnNEW and set it's .text to "New"