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Adult Colouring Books

Apparently colouring is the new black (although, colouring in black is actually shading, not colouring, but I digress)

A colouring app is easy - go get the Colourbook template and import it into AppInventor:

colourbook interface

In this app, I have used "thumb sliders" to dial up a mix of red, green and blue as our paint colour, a list of images to choose from and an acellerometer to mix things up a little (shake to change image and start fresh).

The code to control this is fairly straight forward (I used a couple of procedures also to remove the duplicated code)

colouring book code



A much simpler application of this techniqie is this one. Go get the Cartoonify template and import it into App Inventor

cartoonify Interface

The interface has a Canvas (from Drawing and Animation), a couple of buttons and a label.

Switch to blocks, add the following event handlers:

cartooner Code

The "calls" to canvas1 METHODS can be accessed by clicking on the canvas (purple blocks are methods - built-ins that the object already knows how to do) which are just like procedures/functions you write but they come pre-configured for you, depending on the type of object you are using.

This code will let you SCRIBBLE on the image of me with your finger (add a nice moustache and perhaps pretty bow in my hair), change the colour (to one of 16.7 million shades, using a RGB colour definition) of the ink by touching on the colour button.

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