BLACK&WHITE - wOnKo's ideas in high contrast
life is never merely black and white
... usually one of a million shades of grey.

how often do we look at the things around us
and really see them for the art they represent?

Adelaide Convention Centre Adelaide Convention Centre 2004 Vineyard 2004 Vineyard 2004 Vineyard 2004
Shower Scene From PsyCOW Adelaide Convention Centre 2004 Adelaide 2004 Adelaide 2004 Vineyard 2004
Social Climber Social Climber Social Climbers Social Climber Social Climbers
Mow Me Cut The Concrete Get a Grip Strategies Against Architecture Ancient Time Exposure
Blocks KGSq The Passion Should Old Acquaintances... Darkside
Blocks Backstage Backstage Backstage Down-town Kobe
Up The Creek With Open Palms With Open Palms Void Void
The Vines First Fiddlehead Log Jam Fiddlehead
Tranquil Pool Wild Life Mt Warning From The Pinnacle Up the Creek Up The Creek
Ripples Ripples Driftwood and tussock Drift Wood near Jacksons Bay Pebbles set adrift
Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen
Hell's Kitchen Kelp Cherry Blossoms Kidney Ferns in temporate rainforest, NZ Kohwai blossums, spring, NZ
A Crevasse Glacier scale- see the steps? Fox Glacier ice fall and beyond Glacial moraine Glacier terminus
One small step for wOnKo on Fox Glacier A Vicious Circle - Jacksons Bay, NZ Throw me a buoy, this one is busted! Nephrite jade boulder weathers on a beach in NZ Nephrite jade boulder on beach in NZ
Mineral terraces in Rotaruha Boiling Mud Still-life with cow's arse Stream full of spring rain A seasonal stream
Oak and pine tree leaf litter Party tree from Bag End - Hobbiton Party Tree - Hobbiton Interesting rocks on foreshore at Torbay Tor at Torbay, NZ
A-Bomb dome, Hiroshima Some Perspective Miyajima Shrine, Japan There be dragons There be dragons!
Bamboozled Bmboozled Bamboozled Locksculpture No way out
Ampitheatre Fertility Carvings Shagged out after a long walk Looking up in the Ampitheatre Art Gallery
Wards Canyon Macrozamia Palm textures Warumbah Gorge Wasp Galls on Eucalypt Leaf - macro Moss Gardens
Warumba Creek Liana Tangle

KL 2002 ->
Stairs to Batu Caves Batu Caves, KL
two towers (more or less) more meeces than you can point a mouse at square pushers
a great wall
Uni Student desk, 1979, taken with box brownie All roads lead to Kings Cross, 1979
Moon rising over foggy Maleny, 1975 Moon over water, Caloundra, 1975
nudgee beach 1 nudgee beach 2 nudgee beach 4 nudgee beach 3 what actually happened?
borers or sawers lightning scar frond in knots there be dragons waves lap through the mangroves
on my case 1 on my case 2 on my case 3 palm grove
polished boards crocodile hunter? pool study 1 pool study 2 cracking up 1
rain-fed stream maidenhair geek central preloved style bamboo on silk
bark worse than byte? looks like a fun guy get knotted litter slig well rooted
metropolis? jonah phone home drained the one armed man trunk call


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