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Realisant mon espoir, Je me lance, vers la gloire ... OK I was trying to imagine a scenario that utilised the most historically significant part of our asylum [the old brothers house], knew what spells I wanted to live there, but the scenario I originally brainstormed was really boring ... then came an epiphane ... one of the 10 voices in my head said "write that zombie movie screenplay". Now it is a well known fact that _everyone_ has [1] a book; and [2] a screen play for a movie that features zombies; in them ... so I thought "why not?"

... so was born "The Br. J. S. Campbell Memorial Home for Incurable Zombies (and Ghouls)" - in the spirit and tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice, it was thought that creating a hostel for homeless Zombies seemed like the St. Joes thing to do. Coming along nicely also - [un]fortunately I have actually been in that creepy old building and if anything in Spring Hill is actually haunted, that is it. It creaks, moans and stifles you IN THE REAL WORLD so seems a natural location got my undead-hostel.
...oh, but that is right, you do not play MUD, do not worry about it then.

We are vain and we are blind

... so bugger me if a bunch of my seniors didnae ask me over to the lab on their last day and present me with a DALEK - yee gods it was amazing, didnae see it coming, such a lovely surprise. It is a remote control thingy, and what was most hilarious was its two debuts:

[1] It must have sounded hilarious to have two grown men laff til they cried as it was droved around the staph room, marty and I took "Derek" the Dalek [known to his closest assimilants as "Dek"] for a test spin, trying all the buttons - it speaks and moves, its proboscus thing lights up and its eye light things flash as it says classics like "you will obey the daaaaaaaleks" and "exterrrrminate", how good is that?

[2] If I could have captured photographically the look on the cats face when it first encountered Dek, she has not ben the same since - and that is really saying something given the depth of existing neuroses our cat already sees an aromatherapist for.

Dek will have his own blog, as it is a well known factoid that a monocular persepctive on the human condition is best served by something that really just wants to exterminate it ... stay tuned.

I hate people when they are not polite there was this your year 8 chap, you see, who was really really inappropriate, knew he was yet caused a terrible kerfuffle then sodded off, and did not bother to say sorry, jumping over the corpses and burning bridges, whining all the way - that sort of bastadry gets up my goat, still they say "never work with animals or little children" hey?

Psycho Killer, Quest-ce que cest

Apologies to Mr David Byrne and his fab group "Talking Heads" for quoting his lyrics out of context ... like there is a context that suits a Psycho Killer...
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Reading:: "Thud" by Terry Pratchett [after finishing "Inside Little Brittain" - thanks again Wiltershins]
Hearing:: "This Binary Universe" by BT [on the big telly, with the visuals, trippy man]
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anticompanionize (v.) A constant rejection of their boyfriends or girlfriends companion animal, or generally hating their partners cat, dog or ocelot for absolutely no reason at all.
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