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Sweet dreams are made of this

... alarms hey, bloody rude things they are, wake you up in the middle of some great dreams. Term time, you get that.

Who am i to disagree?

...talk about a drama. First day back at the asylum, right? Well, day went swimmingly as the first day after a holiday back at work full of meetings can go and I am on my way home ... funny

...walking in term time is my exercise, so all is good - walk towards my bus station for the journey home, about to go down the stair well to the bus platform and see the camera store neon sizzle, plunging that shop into darkness ... funny ... the sizzling of the neon does not stop, sets false ceiling insulation on fire, but determined as I am to get to the bus [and in reality cool down in the aircon] I descend. I take off my sunglasses when i reach the queue to see the other waiting passengers looking in growing alarm at where I just emerged ... smoke.

...cold air falls, right, particularly when sucked down by aircon, pretty soon my bus station was full of smoke, my eyes were burning and I could barely breathe ... funny ... then the alarms went off, Lifts deactivated themselves and doors closed ... not so funny as I was still down there with a few others, stranded and choking. Luckily there was another stairwell at the far end of the station [past the smoke and now raining fire extinguisher powdery chemically stuff], stumbled towards it, up and out into a panicking shopping centre, evauated out in to the queen street mall... fresh air, yay.

...now, in their infinite wisdom and glory, they diverted all busses to some street I could not find, so was stranded [now 5.30pm] ... decided to walk to southbank station as I knew I could catch a passing 180 from there ... half hour later after I asked I discovered they had diverted the 180 to an alternate route, so I caught a busway bus to take me to a stop in my suburb [nearest best thing I thought] ... plan was, I get to that station and use a public phone to call home for a lift.

...there are supposed to be two phones at the station, one is missing completely, the other ate a dollar coin then refused to work at all ... excellent ... walked home [2 or so kilometers] from station, headache, eyes abd throat still burning [7.30pm ish] ... some days are better than others.

I travel the world, And the seven seas

... back from some time away in Noosa and hinterland with the better half, minus the kids [such luxury that we can go away and trust they will look after themselves and the house]. I would like to go on record and say that the back roads of Noosa are some of the worst in the known universe - not in surface quality, just in pure infuriating nonsensical directionlessness - bloody roundabouts.

Sailed [like a tourist] into the everglades, northern Noosa River, shallow cloudy olive-coloured windy-wavey lakes give way to deep clear perfectly still mirror-black waters, like actually black [stained with tanin] like a deep strong cup of cold tea. Saw the sights, went swimming, was about to get back on the boat when other travellers noticed the dense school of large catfish surfacing near where we had been swimming - yee gods, some big enuff to take a leg.

...they say ignorance is bliss, and the swimming on such a baking hot day was bliss.

Everybodys looking for something.

... apologies to Ms Annie Lennox, and later Ms Marylin Manson for quoting out of context a fabo song ... sweet dreams :)
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