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Theres always some killin

...so I decided that I wazgunna design a routine that shared MONEY spoils of a battle, right, but only had a sorta idea how to go about it. I talked (via the electric-type-interweb thingy) to another DM called AZOG and he gave me a code snippet as a starter.

The idea mulled around in my head - if you are in a group, and you are in the same room, and you pick up some money, then the routine would work out how many were in the group - work out an even share for the group (allocating the "odd" dollar to the picker-upper), credit them, announce to the room and the group members they now had a share of the wealth and ... not crash.

Couldnae do it without crashing. Spawned a copy of TMUX, launched it internally, hacked around in the copy until the routine was stable, and its supporting routines communicated nicely, and the player flags were re-assigned to make PGOLDS a player characteristic that players themselves could turn on or off (set/clear) and ... Bobs your aunty really (dont ask).

wozgunna ... hmm, I haaate that, but seem unavoidably trapped by it sometimes ... *woosh* ... the sound of another deadline.

...so then I got to thinking of a fiendishly clever labrynth, in the air, and it got me thinking of the high ropes course out at our asylums outdoor education centre and hey presto - another new area is born. I needed a new type of TRAP - a ROPE TRAP that, based on luck and preparedness, you either shimmy across a rope or... you lose your grip and you swing wildly as your safety harness makes you crash into an adjacent support ... think and you shall create - sorted :P

...oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well, do not worry about it.

You got to do around the farm

Colds in summer suck. they get in the way of the teaching, filling ones head with mucous and raising ones temperature more that they should, and they make you more lethargic (is that possible?). Still, enjoying working with the kids, and Geek Squad go from flooping good to fekking gods as they work over and above the call of duty with no one noticing (there is no justice sometimes). Teaching "media" to year 8s and actually not minding it, such a relief really as i had told myself to grin and bear it.

A murder in the red barn

... now a good friend of mine (and academic researcher nutcase called Lindy) has been seriously researching Secondlife ... thought I would give it a go, and have spent a bit of time getting to know the product. Was approached to be a labrabbit (get the tshirt, and a set of steak knives .. no, just the tshirt) to develop something is the environment so I thought I would give it a whirl.

Am interested in developing an experiential non-linear narrative where participants must take on a role, that role predisposes their "view" of the facts, and necessarily biasses their view of the outcome. Started imagining a murder mystery with a mix of circumstantial evidence, thought I would set it in the past, thought merry old england was a good idea ... there was this song rattling around in my head "Murder in the red barn" by Tom Waits and I thought - manna from heaven. So started imagining a grisley murder in an olde englishe barne ... then googled.

...well bugger me! If there wasnt a famous case where a murder took place in a Red Barn, a bloke was sentenced on purely circumstatial evidence by an angry mob .. the more I dig, the more bizare and, surprisingly, the more unlikely he actually did it.

... set up a _real_ blog of the project and will journal my trials and tribulations there.

...funny thing is, I can see _how_ I could build this whole experiential narrative in my MOO, and how players could play it in my MUD, but as yet cannot see how Secondlife can provide me with the rich tools to do the same - should be an interesting ride.

Murder in the red barn

A big tonguey to that blues legend Tom Waits for his continual lyrical inspiration. May someone hand you a cough lolly.
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