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theyre terribly terribly terribly terribly moody

...so my asylum decided that an open day was a good idea. Now, personally, I do not get it - why do we need one? It is not for enrollments, is not like we actually have any student work to showcase that early on in the year and it is not like teachers rush to volunteer to give up their sunday when most of them did sporty things on saturday as well. Still, after a lot of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth it was there and over and have we learned anything from this boys and girls?

doubt it

insanity is apparently congenital, or at least a requirement for promotion. Still, gotta admire the troops rallying around - interesting to see the political creepy crawleys being visible and involved, pressing the flesh and generally faffing [what a lovely word].

then all of a sudden turn happy

...now it comes to the attention of someone or other that people are given added responsibility [sometimes they are paid for this, othertimes they have it thrust up [oops, upon] them whether they signed on for it or not. Seems some of us needed an appraisal.

Ingredients: 12+ surveys sent out to colleagues and present/past students [all of whom must have said nice things apparently - thanks you muchly, the cheque is in the mail].

Method: Someone reads the responses, summarises them, reads them back to the subject, much back patting and handshaking later and it is over.

....but why?????

I would like to grow, I strive to do better [feel like a boy scout, but could not eat a whole one - "We will do our best" ... under the circumstances] - I guess one of the precursors for verdant growth is fertilizer?

but, oh, to get involved in the exchange

...imagine a place that was built once as a conference centre, then fell into disrepair as the bush grew back around it, followed by bushfires and later re-discovery, clearing and [on the cheap] refurbishment - that is the new area I am building in MUD. Maroon Stage 2 coming along nicely, should be a fun killing field and ... oh, tht is right, you do not play MUD, well do not worry about it then.

of human emotions is ever so ever so satisfying

...furnishing a much used and previously uncomfortable room has been an interesting adventure that seems to have taken a long time. Solid timber furniture is fairly hard to find [well, at least that which has a modern/clean line to it] and the esoteric colleciton of pieces we wanted shoulda made the shops quiver with the rush of fresh blood ... all done, sorted and constructed.

A big, confuzzled hug to the lovely Bjork for some mystifying lyrics from a song I loved the first time I heard it "Human Behaviour" off the album "Debut" - but I gotta ask - what was with the freaking filmclip ... there was a bear, and where did teh bunch of grapes come from? Who invited the teapot?
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