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We can be Heroes, Just for one day

...so I am working on alliances, right? And the coding is interesting and full of curious side-effects.

code alert:if((ply_ptr != crt_ptr) && (crt_ptr->type == PLAYER) && (check_alliance(ply_ptr) != 0) && (check_alliance(ply_ptr) == check_alliance(crt_ptr)))
Translation: if (the target is not you) and (the target is a player) and (you are in an alliance) and (your alliance is the same as your target)

thx mazil for finding the logic error [forgotted to check you were actually allied as well - oops], brain occupied. Aiming to reward some actions allied members perform on others, should be fun. So when you attack a player in your alliance then what should happen? One school of thought says you should be prevented from doing so [but is someone you dislike joins your alliance, then you cannot pk them] or there should be some penalty for pking a fellow alliance member [more or less during a turf war? none at all during a terraWAR?]. Gradually working thru alliance checklist, will puddle away until done, think it will add to gameplay ... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well do not worry about it then

We can be Heroes, We are nothing

...now I have found some curious things in Second Life but I think the 2L iPod takes the cake. You buy it in-world, right, for linden dollars [which are in world real cash equivalents ... yes, real money], then you buy 2L songs to put on your 2Lpod. You then wear the 2Lpod in world and you can choose the songs ... one has to wonder why you cannot just get up off your fat arse and turn on the stereo, or listen to iTunes/Media Player/Winamp/whatever you have on the computer you are accessing 2L with instead??? Am I missing something here? Well, yes, there is the "geekgasm" of having a virtual iPod, and I would like to say it looks cool when you wear it in 2L, but that would prolly mis-represent the little white rectangular prism that sits on an e-bicep. I must say that trolling shops in search of something useful to my 2L project has really opened my eyes to what people seem to want to buy [not that I have actually _ever_ seen someone purchase much of the exotica I have found], but you get that. What an amazing iPlace we live in.

And nothing will help us

... returning to the asylum tomorrow - would love to say I am ready and all prepared, but I actually took a break from asylum-related stuff almost completely, so will begin the task of building the 2do list that will govern my life for the next little while. Still, better to be busy than bored hey? I think I was last bored on September 17, 1972, between 4.30 and 5.45pm, but my memory is not what it used to be [then again, maybe it never was] ... say "hi" to your Mum for me

Maybe we are lying, Then you better not stay

Lyrics out of context are interesting - Above lyrics from "Heroes" By David Bowie and Brian Eno. The "trilogy" of albums: Low, Heroes and Lodger are three of my favs from this collaboration.
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e-mo n. That indeterminant amount of time you wait on the end of a chat where the person you are messaging says "wait a moment". A standard e-mo varies in duration according to the anxiety YOU are facing, and is goverened by wonkos theory of temporal perception.
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