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When two tribes go to war

... so with alliances, right - which are sorta like "clans" but prolly cooler, there are two basic flavours - pkillers and not. Pkillers like the ability ot kill other players, not something I actually understand but who can understand child psychology?

...well you join this sorta club, and get neat presents for joining and that sorta signifies that you are like-minded with the rest in the club. Pkillers, being the beastie they are like to kill players - so, what should be the penalty for doing so if the corpse is in your club ... much thought over this has been invested. As you attack a critter, right [are you keeping up?] you do damage - damage is a numerical quantity - how about we use that number, times it by 10 and TAKE that much experience off you, the attacker, for choosing to attack a fellow club member? Well thta was my thoughts anyways - will wait for the winging I guess.

...speaking of winging, i think I headeded off some at the pass by making an interesting coding decision that allows players to re-align themselves as well, mind you, leaving a club seems to be fairly serious and the penalties for doing so have been fun to program also.

"allies" - what an amazing word ... "all" plus "lies" - yee gods, does the Government know the meaning of this word??? ... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well, do not worry about it.

One is all that you can score

... one down, one to go: Parent-Teacher nights are a fantastic opportunity for kids and their parents to connect with the maniac giving out marks [me] - why is it that so few take up the opportunity [particularly those that I ASKED to see] - surely it is not because anyone is scared of me, or that they do not care about their sons progress - what is not to love?

Switch off your shield

... got a Kairos retreaty thing coming up - no idea what sorta chaps will be joining us but I guess if they approach this with an open mind then all will be good. Gee, that is now the 4th Kairos I will have been on and for a non-God-botherer, that says something interesting. I hope the discussions are lively and frank, the minds are open and honest, and the temperature is above arctic [I have a bit of a cold and I gotta watch it does not develop into something worse ... remember, remember last year this time, hospital is no fun, flu shot has been had so will keep an eye on the sniffles I guess]

Switch off and feel

a rather reserved "hats off" to "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" for the song "Two Tribes" - another gay political statement that the straight community did not, nor prolly still do not get [remember "Relax" anyone???]
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Hearing:: "Bone Machine" by Tom Waits [will someone pass that man a cough lolly, poor petal just coughed up a lung]
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