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I never used to cry cause I was all alone

"One never feels alone with a rubber duck, dont you think?" - lol, gold [pity the author is no longer with us - DNA the multiverse is a poorer place for your passing] ... well, maybe a teddy bear, regardless of how scary it looks, it can still be a best friend.

For me, myself and I is all Ive ever known

...feel a little dislocated from reality at the moment as I develop "Red Barn" areas simultaneously in MUD, MOO and 2L - is wierdly surreal, but parallel development _may_ reduce some of the work required - will see. Certainly interesting comparing the three environments and their own particular sensory biasses. The read more, click on over to The Red Barn Blues as some part of me reflects on that journey.

I never felt the need to have a hand to hold

... so the idea of GUILDS has been a long time coming for a buncha reasons. I must admint to being a little concerned what they will do to the balance of the game, and whether they will become a force for goodness or evil - time will tell I suppose....so a TMUX guild is called an "Alliance", right? there are 4 - 2 chaotic, 2 lawful. All provide players benefits for membership [heal faster, xp for using your curative magic on a fellow ally, gold, XP, collegiate atmosphere of belonging to something "bigger" etc]. Each separate Alliance also has a specific benefit [damage bonus or goldsale bonus or xp bonusses for killing good or evil] and chaotic alliances also reward players for battling rival chaotic enemies [as well as provide the opportunity for joining in a turf war competition].

... so I am putting the final touches on this addition [Alliance gear - shields, body armor suitably emblazened with alliance symbolism] and it is ready to launch - all core programming done and tested as well as I can without large-scale involvement.

What was interesting was starting from square one, really, and deciding how Alliances might work [and trying ot make the process of development transparent via in-game help files and a 2do list - might use that method again as it saves the hundreds of "hows it going" questions]- I did not resort to pinching models from elsewhere as "guilds" are more aggressively exclusive clubs in other MUDs, but I think the extra membership dimension might be fun. I _think_ [yes, that has been known to happen] that I will need to run them for a trial period of, say, 2 weeks - just to see how it works "in the wild" as I actually am unsure what I have not thought of, and the _best_ way to find that out is to experiment on the punters. Best establish a "restore point" prior to that I guess - do not want to be acused of being unfair [lol, not that that has happened before].

...oh, that is right, you do not play TMUX, then do not worry about it.

In everything I do I take complete control

I am about to launch into some animation with both my year 8s and interestingly program same with my yr 12s and it is all fun. Wonder how the instruction set will be received? Trouble is, when I reckon I have worked out something completely in my head, and even when I have gone to the trouble of providing instructions with diagrams, something in my mind then assumes I do not have to actually follow thru with details ... gotta work on that.

Spawning and Animation to do this week if we get time with the 12s, stop motion animation with digicams and little characters to do with the year 8s - should be a bit of fun, but think the latter will be a bit frantic as I have not taught this before to year 8s and this term is irregularly "busted" by pubic holidays and school camps - time is not something that I have any control over [and lost class time is also something that really gets up my goat - pity it is not seriously considered by admin at the asylum - still, my priorities may be screwed?]. Assignments started all over also, which is a good thing - the million MOO-mail exercise begins again. Let us hope the punters are at least polite about it.

Thats where Im coming from - My Lucky Numbers one

Hat, lace head piece and odd pre-goth outfit off to Lene Lovich (Miss) for a ground breaking post-punk anthem from the mid 80s when all else musically was dying in a sea of disco, pop and blah. Interestingly Lene and a lady called Nina Hagen were responsible for re-defining the female vocal artist - Debbie Harry, Tori Amos, The Slits, The Spazzies, The Divynils, Siouxie and the Banshees etc have a LOT to be grateful for.
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