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Someone to claim us, someone to follow

... so I ordered this LCD monitor, a big one, for my home use [trying to stop my eyesight from deteriorating even more rapidly] and it arrived, and it is black and flooping huge ... mmm ... pixelly goodness. I also ordered a gizmo-packed keyboard to go along with it ... and it arrived ... and it is black [recurring theme one wonders] and it is full of re-programmable goodness also, so am a happy chappy currently as all this hooks into the "mother ship" which allows me to dock my taptop and, without opening it, turn it on and use it like a regular pooter - damned clever - what will they think of next?? Operating Systems that do not suck [hah, not likely] and Software that is not a bugfest [lol, I am dreaming] and Hardware that is not already outdated before it is sold [pigs fuelled up and ready for takeoff].

...biting the hand that feeds us ... interesting point here, altho I like the whole "user" thing, I am constantly annoyed at the resources presented to be same user, almost as annoying as the armchair experts [wankers] who feel it necessary to inform me of all the things I _should_ be doing, using, thinking ... lol - download a life hey? Or email someone who cares.

Someone to shame us, some brave Apollo

... watching something you are so passionate about disintegrate because of administrative negligence and callous disregard for people is really hard to do - even harder if despite your best efforts it happens anyway. Unsure why no one else seems to even care? Unsure why good people are not valued, but the dross that make the most noise are given the most attention. Deja-vu, you know, that feeling you have been somewhere, seen or done something before? Deja-vu, you know, that feeling you have been somewhere, seen or done something before? Deja-vu, you know, that feeling you have been somewhere, seen or done something before? Deja-vu, you know, that feeling you have been somewhere, seen or done something before? Deja-vu ....

Saw a play about astrologizing - was a lot of fun - cred to the middleschoolers that played parts and the organisers for making the opportunity for them to do same [I laffed, giggled and was genuinely entertained - thx, I needed that]

Someone to fool us, someone like you

Am i the only one who has had it with _reality_ television? Should I care about BB07, or Dancing with the Pseudolebrities, or great race or biggest weiner or ... Yee gods there is precious little to watch on the telly as it is without more of this stuff. It has gotted to the point that reality is almost impossible to spot [I thought i had a grasp on it, but there you do, sms "loser" to 1234567891 at 50c per half second, please stay on the line as your call is important to us].

We want you Big Brother, Big Brother

featured Lyrics from "Big Brother" by David Bowie - how could he have known???
Feeling:: fluey [altho fluvaxxed] - doh!
Watching:: Heroes 22 [zomg, and then he did ...] good telly
Reading:: MOO assignments [wondering about the literacy of our young people]
Hearing:: "Music for (im)Paired Ground" by J. Peter Schwalm [lush electronic art]
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