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Some things - Are just pictures I decided I should see the third installment in the "Pirates" franchise and another cracking tale it was - such lavish amounts spent on the effects, such big characters and how irrelevent an appearance by an aged rock guitarist as dear pappy. I imagine they have all sorts of fun on those movies, but one wonders how actors cope with so much CGI added after principal photography. I am all for special effects but what was effect and what was live action is beginning to blur.

Is this effect-mania a good thing - certainly it is eye-popping in the extreme, un-noticeable when done to perfection, where does that leave the film industry however - how much of the film budget has to be devoted to post production and how much goes to good scripts and credible actors? Begs the question I guess but it seems no one is asking it.

...I guess I will wait for the next blockbuster to come out and like sheep will queue up for it. There is something wonderful about sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers consuming junk food while being sensorially assaulted. Salt, sugar, numb bum and darkness combine for an experience I keep wanting to repeat - curious that.

They are scenes - Before your eyes I am not the most patient of people, but when a complete droob of a support person on the end of a "24hr help line" tries to help by not having a flooping clue what the problem is, I get cross, sorry, I do. Cable internet dropped out - the normal disco happening in front of the cable model dimmed to 1 blinking light - ok, supply problems or the modem was fried. Did diagnosis our end, nup, was theirs, so the inevitable phone call. "What have you got connected to the modem" a guy asked in a pre-pubescent voice-crackle. "Wireless router, as it has been for nearly 2 years" said I - "Ah, that could be the problem" squeeked him "how the @#$% could that be the problem!" exclaimed I, given that we could not even get their modem to register they had a network to connect to. "Have you tried turning it off and on again" he then said - I am sorry, I swore, past thethers end, I let him have it, he went quiet, then asked if I wanted to book a techician to come out and have a look. Esasperated, I said sure, and added that I wouuld appreciate in future that if he did not actually know what the problem was that it would save time cursing and swearing for him to just say so. I booked a technician - some time in the next few days - hahahah - I started twitching - without net for a few days, me thinks not. "That will be @#$%ing fine" spat I, hung up, disconnected it all, reconnected it all and presto it worked again .... grrrrr! Got the better half to ring back and cancel the technician, needed to lie down ... you get that.

...interesting when a gradual dependency is suddenly thrust out into the open - contemplating a few days in the home without internet access was terrifying - now I can accept when out and about, or on holidays, but in the home, there is a pooter, it needs its net feed - or does it?

Dont look now

... have I ranted about crap software recently? Yee gods someone should take a few software developers out in the open and publically shoot them as a lesson to the profession. I hate menus that reorganise themselves, features that push commonly used features out of recently used menus, big blobby graphical icons that rob me of valuable screen real estate, colour schemes that make me want to puke and controls that make no sense to anyone [surely not even the original programmer] - take "Blender" for example - yee gods it is a powerful 3d modelling tool, and it is free and extensible, but yee gods it is almost an un-intuitive as 3DSM - and that is saying something.

...then there is something like ZMud, one of a couple of most used MUDding tools but bugger me if it does not smef for not good reason just when you think all is hoopy. Internal [proprietry] data storage methods and flaky I/O routines make for an all round crap-tastic time rebuilding gaming parameters honed to perfection prior to the smef.

...guess we could winge about american company software, but what would the point be - de-facto standards take on a life of their own, and users convince themselves how "natural" the controls are, then belittle the nay-sayers who look objectively at them then fall about laughing hysterically. A bit like the insanity of the QWERTY" keyboard, but you try to tell the young people of today that, and they wont believe you.

...mind you, it is prolly _not_ the younger generation that are experiencing any difficulty with this junk - they are born into an inconvenient age, where re-installing and re-purchasing is the way of it - "have you tried turning it off and on again?". I must be mad, I actually want to _understand_ why something smefs - silly me I know.

SMEF - [S]imultaneous [M]assive [E]xistence [F]ailure - with love and thanks to DNA who first coined the expression when describing the complete existence failure of the most spectacular [space]ship ever made - unsinkable and incapable of error it was touted to be - TITANIC was what i was named - enuff said.

Im right behind you

Rarely does an album profoundly effect me quite like "Drawn from Life" by Brian Eno and J.Peter Schwalm. Such luscious washes of elecetronic colour, subtle samples and quirky atonality combine to make it an unmissible aural experience - if you have not heard this album, go and do it now, yes, right NOW!
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