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todays a BIRTHDAY

...another day older and deeper in debt .. no, wait, that is not right. Yes, father time has conspired to add another ring to my girth [like a giant redwood, cept without the red and less frequently with the wood ... eep, did I type that out loud?] - if you were to cut my leg, for example, would there be rings? how far would they go back? Is forty seven anything but a twinkle in the eye of father time? who knows. Older and Wiser - hahahaha

I wish.

...still, could be worse. Nothing terminal, friends and family, roof over head, occasional drop in from friend/acquaintence that is not asking for something, food to eat [ahhh, food to eat] ... theres a bear in there.

theyre SMOKING cigars

...now am I the _only_ person on the planet that thought the "Biggest Donor" reality telly spoof was hilarious - yee gods people have gotted excited and incited by it and I think that is brilliant - to have people confronted with a fraud and got them talking about the plight of people waiting for organ donors. I [which they _must_ have disbelieved, surely, no one is that stupid... well, possibly they are]. would donate my organs except for two things - i am still using most of them and I do not think anyone would want them given where they have been :P Hats off to the telly channel brave enough to poke holes in the whole "reality television" thing - that has got to put some persopective on things right?


Caught number 2 child watching "Big Bruvver" and "Lost Tribes" simultaneously by channel hopping in commercials ... mind you, there was bugger all else to watch on that desert that is called sunday evening television.

he got a chain of flowers

...so the kidneys are hurtling towards exam block and I must say I am not looking forward to the avalanche of marking that accompanies it. Fortunately it is all spaced out a bit, but it will be tight and I have to work hard not to be distracted - red pen, you vex me so.

...some fiendishly fair and interesting exam questions this time round - it is a pity no one but me stands back from these things and says "wow", because sometimes they are something to be proud of I guess. Fine line - teasing what they know out of them in an exam situation.

Exams originated as an intimidation technique employed by the clergy to "weed out" those unworthy to join the religious order [amazing what an intimidating and impossible-to-answer set of badly worded questions will do to the spirit of a fresh novice bursting with vocation], and were adopted by educational institutions as "state of the art" in the 17th century. Interestingly, they have not changed a lot - written questions and answers in a fixed time period, strict non-plagiarism, no talking [because no problem is _ever_ solved in the real world by collaboration, hey?] being invigilated by someone who is bored and quite frankly not happy to be supervising people in rows.

Now the linguists among you may wonder if I just made that up, but strangely no, an "invigilator" is the real name of one who superivises examination sessions - sounds almost as ghastly as it actually is to do - but not quite. Me thinks Oscar Wilde would call exam supervisions "Little Slices of Death" - the kidneys winge about exams but at least they have something to do duting them - sheesh [thank goodness for games on the handheld pooter - at least I can look like I am doing something ... red 10 on black jack]

sows a bird in her knickers

I would love to pretend I understood these lyrics, but the song they come from "Birthday" is indescribably beautiful for much more than the diaphram bursting vocals from a teenage Bjork - a bewildered "halló til ŝinn mamma" from her [has something to do with "ya mum" in icelandic], back in the days when she was a teenager in The SugarCubes - if you have not listened to some of their work, you really must - it is amazing for nothing else but that fact that a little kid can split an atom by screaming at it.
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