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Dont ask me, I just work here man;

... so I get up, walk to the bus station, catch a bus into the city, walk from the city to work...


... and reverse, rinse and repeat. Is a pattern of life and that pattern wears thin at times, you get that I suppose.

Patterns interest me ... been trolling through lines of code looking for logical flaws and I must say I hate other peoples coding styles - no I am not putting myself up on a pedistal of being a programmer as I am not, but debugging is an art form and an interesting one at that. HPCUR is a variable that keeps track of the current health points of a player, when you take damage it gets procedurally lowered, right, and when it gets to ZERO you die. much for the theory, some things damage you badly, dropping you a number of health points each swipe, right, so it is feasible for HPCUR to actually become negative. The die(player) routine assumes HPCUR comes in as ZERO and there is the rub ... lazy programmers [dare i call them that? maybe careless...?] used an operating system kludge to set an unsigned number to zero when it became negative ... so it worked ... until we changed the operating system.

...interesting how life imitates art - this was the _very_ issue I had vehmently lectured my students on when they programmed a pascal-based combat engine as a classroom exercise - who woulda thought that woulda returned to bite me so painfully in the arse?

Coursing thru code looking for instances when a player can die [that is the die(player) routine is called] and making sure HPCUR is set to ZERO before calling it is a pain in the proverbial, but it has forced me to re-examine the underlying code for many routines and rewrite many of them entirely - it also makes me aware of how dangerous this game is - a player can be killed [or more politically correctly "defeated"] in about 113 different ways - lol, poor possums.

...oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well do not worry about it then.

Why dont you fill out a form? I for one am sorta glad that the learner driver process has a lot more structure, mind you when I learnt to drive traffic was simpler I think [or was it just because I was in a bomb of a car in a paddock, my Dad yelling drive!]. These days they have to pass a written, then log 100 hours of driving with documentation, so the onus is on getting experience and structuring that experience.

... in the ideal world that is a good thing. I wonder, however, how many teens are looking for shortcuts to beat the system designed to make them a good driver? Young people in cars have always worried me [ever since I was a young person in a car]. The truth is that you have some degree over your own actions but there is no accounting for the other idiots manning metal missiles on the road with you.

...natural selection, being what it is, selects the most defensive of them I suppose, relegating the rest to accidents, sadly.

In case you need a translation, I have begin taking my two kids out for driving lessons and I hope I am able to be positive yet not sound panicking, supportive without smothering, informative without displaying my ignorance and not scream like a stuck pig when we are hurtling towards something seemingly out of control.

Kids hey? Cant live with them, cant murder them :P

We cant get back to you; Of course we cant get back to you;
But rest assured, we will take your comments on board;

... how powerful words, hey. Those linguistic utterances have the power to move, raise hope, smash it and everything in between. All too often we are less careful about the words we use, and all too flippant at dismissing the effects of the things we say. Rest assured this will go down on your permanent record ...

Your thoughts make change;

Apologies to GOTYE for quoting lyrics out of context ... ripper song tho, do yourself a favour and find "Like Drawing Blood" by Gotye.
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