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The shrieking of nothing is killing; Just pictures of jap girls in synthesis and I

now I am not one to complain about insanity ... oh no ... but when you see it driving decisions that control the lives of good people, then you gotta ask yourself why no one else has noticed, right? We live in a strange world - thos who can, do; those who cannot do, teach; those who cannot teach, administer; those who cannot administer, legislate. 2007 will/has seen the passing of some spectacular people, quite a lot of them, actually, a lot more than one could reasonably expect maybe? Who will be next or can something be done to stem the flow? Does anyone else care? *tap tap tap* is this thing on?

Aint got no money and I aint got no hair; But Im hoping to kick but the planet its glowing

... so I had this idea for a reactor to supplement an area [eventually providing one bridge to the next stage] and a home for a spell. Concentric polygons and a devilishly clever maze that seems to have gone down well with the natives - all a bit difficult to tell really as they whine if it is too easy, complain if it is too hard, want challenges but dislike my snarly monsters and cryptic puzzles ... happy medium or not, who knows. Oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, do not worry about it.

Have been neglecting my second life [due to lack of time - sorry Lindy], inhabiting my third [because I can retreat in to the texty goodness] and decorating my fourth life [for a new batch of inmates] in order to avoid aspects of my first life that I have no control over - you get that I suppose.

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky; We know major toms a junkie

now we hurtle towards an immersive learning experience where the teachers and the students work together on a topic for an extended period of time - devilishly clever idea that [despite how it mashes everything else around it]. Am about to embark on a study of pooter games, have a good crew, some funky experiences planned and hopefully much to learn from all participants. Funnily, the students think they will be doing all the learning but if this immersion is anything like the previous ones, I also will learn a lot.

Learning madly [or is that re-acquainting myself with] unreal and gamemaker - seems like years ago I first gave them a go, but I may be mistaken as my memory is the second least relable thing about me at the moment.

Look forward to exploring virtual worlds, not that I know anything about them, and also fragging a few n00bs in-game. Will be interesting if this crew come with their minds open, or whether they have already decided what they want out of the experience and so jettison the smorgasbord of opportunities to collaboratively brainstorm. Time will tell.

Strung out in heavens high; Hitting an all-time low

Such brilliance in concept, historical references to past gloried, such atonal familiarity - Bowie at his best in "Ashes to Ashes"
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Reading:: "Game Makers Apprentice" [gotta love DIY games packages]
Hearing:: Bioshock Soundtrack [an orchestral score that wierds me out, gotta get the game]
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