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I bought you mail order; My plain wrapper baby

Now there is this thing called copyright, see. Apparently it is not lawful to copy other peoples work on things like photocopiers, and it seems businesses and schools pay annual fees to CAL [Copyright Agencies Limited, or something like that] for the privilige of photocopying whatever they like, creating ozone, using trees and presumably providing landfill when it is thrown away. Now CAL has some sort of accounting process, that looks ad copy habits, does spot audits and then distributes allocations of fees to the owners of the copied material.

Wierdest thing. Got a call from a nice man at CAL, suggesting I ...might ... like to become a member of their organisation. When i asked why, was told a "not insubstantial part of this years allocation" seemed to belong to me ... free membership, internet formy thing, done. Got a letter back, confirming that pages from my online text book had been printed out and photocopied for students [I presume] in quantity by a buncha different organisations in Australia, UK ans US, and that there was an historical record of the previous allocation that also featured a wodge of copying of my stuff also, and would I like $5.5K ish for the service ... let me think ... yes [even taking GST out, is a nice little surprise]. Looks like I may earn about $2.5K a year from this, not bad given that everything on wonkosite is open source and was _never_ set up to make money from ... my music collection gets a much needed funds injection, thank you very much.

Your skin is like vinyl; The perfect companion

...so I have been researching indoor rock-climbing. Yes, I have actually done it, with the kids, and there is something strangely satisfying about perching near the roof of an indoor venue, clinging to little more that small rough coloured bits of epoxy whilst wearing a harness designed to sterilize the average male. Long ago it gave me an idea for an area in MUD that has turned into a bit of a labrynth ... but you do not play MUD, so do not worry about it.

You float my new pool; De luxe and delightful

Odd jobs are not my forte so whenever feasible we hire in professionals. We are about to embark on the whole "outside of house painting" and thought second week of the September hols was a good plan. Prior to that, we have had new doors [front, back, side], new screen security doors [same], a new garage door [I will NOT miss wrestling with the old half-locked, half-stuck bastard of a tilt-a-door; and DO love the pushbutton auto opening jobbie that hums in a yummy way as it goes about its motorised motion], tiling, joinery, external blinds and other assorted odd-jobs done in preparation.

Our house is currently pink with purple trim [the previous owners were old and had little taste it seems] not "white" as is the common perception from dim-witted literalists. It _will_ be mushroom with dark blue and white trim, should look whizzy. Short term inconvenience for long term gain, is all good. Bring on the solvent fumes and lead paint dust. Not looking forward to the cleanup afterwards, but am glad professionals are doing the work [I _do_ paint, but only internals] and doing the prep work first. I love the sound of sanding machines in the morning.

Inflatable doll; My role is to serve you

...have I mentioned how much hardware drives me nuts. Spend a fretful hour re-assembling the home notwerk because I was adding a firewall rule using the web-based interface on our wireless router, pressed the "apply" button and ... it smeffed.

A feature apparently. It crapped on its password and forgot all the settings, all home notwerk users began screaming as there was no connectivity. Re-connected to ISP, defined notwerk SSID, noticed two neighbours connected to it and began downloading, removed its advertising, added trusted devices via MAC address kicking off leeching neighbours, set up notwerk printer, allocated static IPs, defined dynamic IP range, defined port forwarding rules for sons online games, all good. Changed password from default [which, for all demi-hackers out there] is "password" lol, to something less guessable, pressed the apply button and it smeffed again ... aaaggghhhh!!!!

After I stopped shaking with rage and swearing uncontrollable, I rinsed and repeated - woulda liked to refer to a manual at this point, but, in an hilarious modern defelopment, was only available ONLINE, which was a domain I could not access without it actually already working. After a frustrating time of seething and loathing I managed to "almost" get it working only to realise I had a slight error with the WEP keys, fixed, fine, apply ... and it is working hoopily again. Have I mentioned how much I hate hardware, or how ashamed the computer hardware industry _should_ be of making junk when the spec is easy from the customers perspective - it has to WORK, straight away, and keep doing so.

Disposable darling; Cant throw you away now

So emerged from Immersion [a 3 week unit where year 10s are removed from conventional class and dive into a topic with depth, inventiveness and near-adult expectations] enriched and happy that the chaps who were on it also seemed to get something out of the experience. Is a wonderful thing to be able to dive into a topic at such a level, but I hate what it does to my senior classes and life in general [I have so much marking and admin junk to do and am still too shakey to attempt it]. Will I do it again? Not sure [mind you, have said that each year for the last 6], it is good working with learners who want to learn, in topics they are actually interested in.

Immortal and life size; My breath is inside you

"In Every Dream Home, a Heartache" - By Brian Ferry and Roxy Music, kitch oddness at its most wonderful, and off an album heralding the emergence of the synthesiser solo [well, more correctly, an odd collection of beeps and flanged twittering from an ancient and historically hilarious EMS VCS3 synthesiser] to be performed in glorious monophony [one note at any one time - interesting how we take polyphony for granted now] in a dress and full eye makeup [Brian was nothing it not trashy back then]
Feeling:: ebolient [as in the onset symptoms of the Ebola Virus]
Watching:: IT Crowd, Series 2 [Have you tried turning it off and on again?]
Reading:: The Yellow Pages [weak plot, little character development]
Hearing:: "Le Fil" by Camille [french vocal percussionist that has made the "rasberry" sexy again]
Accessed:: 2338 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

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