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And its whispered that soon, if we all call the tune; Then the piper will lead us to reason

... so I was invited to work with some nice people from another school in using MOOs and Moodles, was delighted to be asked and more than happy to share the love. They were keen and, even after a little notwerk wrangling, we made headway looking at what could be done using these virtual environments and

And a new day will dawn for those who stand long; And the forest will echo with laughter

Gotta laugh, went to a "live" concert in SecondLife on Saturday night and it was fascinating on a bunch of levels. Technically, having a performer wire their avatar to his physical presence in Tokyo, his amps and synths to in-world sound making apparatus and then have him perform was a fascinating technological demonstration of the power of the medium. Socially it was also fascinating, with dozens of buff avatars [the e-beautiful people are an amazing sub-culture in themselves, particularly when you meet their real world equivalents, but I digress] dancing, via either personal collections of animation scripts or hooking into the communal "disco ball" dance script distribution system floating above the performer. The sound quality was awesome, but I am not sure it compares with _really_ being there, might be wrong

And it makes me wonder

dust, anyone? no? dust... House painting is a messy process on many levels. Sanding, cleaning down and so on is all well and good until it involves casement windows - the interior of our house is like a "winter wonderland" with thick coatings of dust from the surface prep. It caused "she who must be obeyed"s computer to smef [well, in truth, was a gradual accumulation of dust compounded by sudden appearance of lots more] - everything is gritty and one can only hope that there is no lead in the dust as well. Is gradually coming together, but delays have put the cleanup on hold as the sporadic appearance of workmen [sometimes as early as 5AM, sometimes not for days at a time] means we have no realistic idea when it will be finished - should look good when done tho.

If theres a bustle in your hedgerow; Dont be alarmed now

I released a climbing wall area and it has frustrated most who attempted it - this is curious, the reaction I did not anticipate as most have been saying that they know and can do everything, challenge is lacking. The area is not particularly dangerous, just a well designed labyrinth, but some players have abandoned the challenge, sadly, others have not attempted it because they have been told it is too difficult by more experienced players - meh.

...so I have been researching rowing and no, do not be alarmed, I am not contemplating doing it or worse, coaching it. I am making a new area in TMUX based on a large rowing facility and it has been fascinating wrestling with the rowing lexicon. Sweeps, sculls and tinnys, three races in a regatta, mangroves and mudflats, such rich potential, hope I do it justice. Would like to make an area that is FUN to play, but am no longer confident I understand that some players find fun - will give it my best tho.

Area mapped [spacial stage], wired [programming stage], now in the process of richly describing it [literary] stage - unsure if players even bother to read the descriptive textual descriptions [actually, am fairly sure most do not bother as what I would see as bleeding obvious clues are completely overlooked] - you get that. Already have some great ideas for NPCs and some shiny gear, along with the planned quest items it should be an interesting but increasingly huge area ... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well do not worry about it then.

Its just a spring clean for the May Queen

So much has been written about the "hidden significance" of Zepplins "Stairway to Heaven", all of it crap IWHO. Random rhymes with a mystical tinge still result in a classic ... who would have seen that coming?
Feeling:: most systems working within normal parameters
Watching:: "Big Bang Theory" [both giggling and seething at the laugh track American feel obligated to add]
Reading:: Rowing references [stroke, engine room, cox ... this is a sport, right?]
Hearing:: "Drunken Forest" by Death Ambient [new genre - macabre ambient, creepy but cool]
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