Festive or Festering?
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Some days you are quick

I had this crazy idea that i would research an artist i collect - Brian Eno; came across a section of his work that are installations; bought a CD of sounds from one called "Music for a Civic Recovery Centre" - designed to be player on 65 CD players, random shuffle, in a resonant space - would sound amazing as it is a luscious mix of acoustic manipulation, synthetic soundscapes and ecclectic found objects - must try it out as designed some time.

Whilst browsing, I stumbled across references to 77 million paintings - his current work touring Europe and the US. Long since giving up seeing it i a gallery anywhere near me, I decided to explore purchase options - it is SOFTWARE you see, you install it on your pooter, it generates imagery dynamically [from a large collection of stock images] such that there are 77 million combinations, not counting transitory phases. It also uses generative techniques to generate an accompanying soundscape. It moves me still - I cannot explain it, but I have watched it for hours - on a big screen with a good sound system it is indeed luscious. No two viewings have been alike so far [well, in truth it always has a similar "feel" but the specifics are all always different] ... it is one of my favorite things at the moment.

but most days you are speedy

I have to admit to actually loathing the end of a school year. My particular loathing is the marking deadlines and associated results, collating, mickey-mouse manipulating of exit marks and senior results that tend to reduce people into faceless numbers. It is soul-destroying and seems to hit me harder as I age. I was so fragged that when the shakes started [second last week] they got to the point where I was actually unable to reproduce my signature ... a little scary that.

Holiday time could not arrive fast enough and no, my dear readers, I was NOT rushing to get away from the learners as I _really_ enjoy working with them, it is all the other shite that I have to do that stretches me so thin that I begin to lose a sense of self. Is not good when you get into the mentality of "soldiering on" when you have had enough. Roll on long service leave - a chance to really get away from it all.

Some days you use more force than is necessary

... not I am not the worlds most patient guy, but incompetence and me are not good bed-fellows. Case in point - internet service provision. We connect via a cable modem and mostly it is brill - we were, however, getting intermittent connectivity issues. I could solve these issues by unplugging the coax cable from the back of the modem, re-attaching it and it worked again but bugger me if I could not get our ISP to accept that the problem was theirs, not ours. No less that fourteen [yes, you read right, 14] times I rang for assistance, each time to be counseled by a nice man in India who first required me to read two 20digit HEX numbers to him [3 - B for browned off - 9 - C for craptastic...], only to be told yes there is a problem but they will re-provision us and all will be fixed.

After much protestation, and direct requests to talk to someone actually in Australia, I got a nice man who said he was from Sydney who said he would attempt to re-provision our line [still no clearer to what the floop that actually means] - he said he would do it, and ring when it was all cool. What that actually meant was he put in a re-jig something or other message to a pleb in India - when that failed, no one [except us, the people who suddenly lost connection] noticed ... half a day later, phone call 14 was not polite and I am not proud of the bad language I used nor the abrupt and rude telephone manner I adopted, but I did get a nice polite Indian chappie who did something, created a whole new account for us, signed us into it and then organized an Australian technician to visit our home [the _very thing_ we had requested 9 times previously]. technician arrived, told us we had a problem with the Modem [orly? yarly], he clambered up a pole out on the street, discovered the original co-ax tap was substandard and full of water [bloody miracle you are getting any data at all he said], re-tapped the coax, power-cycled the modem and it has been good ever since [touch wood]. The speed increase amazing, the annoyance factor huge [particularly when I discovered that the new-account-creating chappie disconnected me from my collection of email and other stuff and changed my password without .. actually .. telling me.

Sadly, it reminded me of just how dependent our family is on an Internet feed - you get that I guess.

Some days just drop in on us

Whoosh! what was that" Your life mate ... bugger me if 2007 has not hurtled past at a faster than usual rate. Daughter finished yr 12, good OP, helped buy her a real pooter [black Macbook]. Son finished second year uni and he bought his own new pooter [a frankenstein behmoth PC]. Is it just me or did that year finish early? Must put in a query to the calendar and clock people as I am sure there was less time this year ... or is it that I am slowing down, thus getting less done?

Being driving instructor at the moment - it is interesting to have to verbalize that which is [for me at least] almost completely automatic now. Driving a manual car, one needs to do so many things at the same time as concentrating on the other idiots on the road that you tend not to think about them until trying to explain to a new driver what should be happening when, with what and why.

Some days are better than others

Although Bono engages in whiney, irish ballads, occasionally you stop and listen to the lyrics he writes - thank Bob [dont ask] there are still some songwriters who do not need to resort to the idiot chorus.
Feeling:: festive [ or is that festering ]
Watching:: Tin Man [ curious sequel-esq arty experiment in ripping off the Wizard of Oz ]
Reading:: "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton [ interesting take on global warming and other hot air ]
Hearing:: "Switched on Bach" by Walter Carlos [ seminal MOOG synth recording that started it all ]
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