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Put a peephole in my brain; Two New Pence to have a go

Now I imagined this corporation that was buying up land in the late noughties economic depression, and how they managed, somehow to acquire a rowing shed - post apocalypse, they are served with a notice to develop or demolish ... so was born the tmux rowing shed - area finished - large collection of rooms, monsters and some funky gear - just the checking to do b4 opening the gates and watching the carnage. Was amazed how much I learned about the noble art of sitting in a row, back to the direction you are moving and pulling in unison ... tried real hard to get the terminology right also, so the acid test will be how the punters like it I suppose.

When will I learn that huge areas are better divided up into stages and released sequentially, sheesh, brain not working I suppose and got too deep in before realizing that it was all or nothing ... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well, do not worry about it then.

Id like to be a gallery; Put you all inside my show

Is it just me or is the age of the "viral" celebrity utterly annoying. The connected age allows utter no-bodys to become instant celebrity [sorry, still coming to terms with what that term actually means] without doing very much at all. Some whiny sycophant to rabbit on about "leaving brittney alone" and he gets his own spot on a talk show - what is with that. Some 16 year old idiot throws an out of control party when his parents are out and it goes pear-shaped [who could foresee that happening, he only asked his 500 closest MySpace friends along] then is un-repentant as a current affairs presenter tried on air to verbally reprimand him - hahaha - I guess what disturbs me most about this story is how fast the media were all over this - long before the parents had even talked to the kid about what a tool he had been ... the media created a behemoth legend that millions of teens will look up to, when in fact he is most likely just as big a dickhead as most 16 year olds need to be [they are programmed to push the boundaries and expecting them to fully comprehend their actions and the consequences of these actions is about as possible as understanding Tom Cruise as he "explains" scientology.

The internet has a lot to answer for, a generation has grown up being surrounded by instant information, opinion engines that analyze [with footage] and places to leave your comment - please stay on the line, your blather is important to us. A generation of connected young people, exchanging more and more information about less and less [has anyone actually LOOKED at the content of a Facebook page?] and are more isolated and lonely than ever before because real-world social skills do not have a backspace key.

Andy Warhol looks a scream; Hang him on my wall

Back from Warhol at GOMA, experienced many "15 minutes of fame" and am left with 3 lasting impressions:

1. Warhol was an amazing collector of the everyday. He was possibly the original "celebrity" - to a large extent he became famous by associating himself with famous people. He was a bit wierd also, and a bit of a pervy as well as wearer of the worlds most detectable hair piece.

2. He was prolific, indeed his art "Factory" prided itself on mass-producing objects, and their style was unmistakable but I am left with the feeling [what little is left from the numbing cold .. .see 3] that he was a lazy artist. His most celebrated works are colourful ripoffs of other people's imagery, mostly. He screen printed a badly dithered newsprint picture onto a canvas, splashed some paint around to more or less correspond to the screen print [a lot like "colouring by numbers, without the numbers or worrying about the lines] and then screen printing the same image over the top again. The technique is fairly simple, but the execution ... ahhh, there is the magic and the mystery. thankfully he could actually draw, as some original sketches and free-form paintings attest, but I found myself viewing much of what was on the walls [and there is LOTS to see] and wondering who at the factory made that print or finished that piece off. So many paintings seem to have started off with a flourish of concentration and attention to detail and degenerated into unfinished streaks and blank canvas. Fascinating in all, but I thought his video art also mesmerizing - brave man to make a 5 hour hand-held movie, out of focus and poorly framed of someone sleeping, or an 8+ hour movie of sunrise over the Empire State Building. Still, he can be thought of as an originator of multimedia art and true genius interested in the visual, kinesthetic and aural art form.

3. Bloody hell GOMA is a COLD place, I do not mean architecturally, I love the shape and the boxy structure affords huge expanses of wall for works, the frigging temperature is at permanent nipple point - it is "headlights ON" for the whole time if yo have no jumper with you - I do not like rushing the final stages because the cold is actually uncomfortable ... I hope someone is taking this down [only needs a coupla degrees and it would be fine]

Andy Warhol, Silver Screen

Am wanting to see "I am Legend" but cannae find anyone to go with me - dang, will prolly watch it on pooter some time later then, pity, I like a good zombie flick but am too timid to sit in a dark theater on my own. Nothing else but shite on the big screen, or have I missed something?

Cant tell them apart at all

When a certain David Jones (aka David Bowie) decided to get all artsy farty and join in on the pop culture phenomenon and entourage that followed Warhol, how could he have ignored the banality of the song he produced - Shame David, Shame - interestingly he _never_ preforms this track live. Lyrics stolen shamelessly from the song "Andy Warhol" by Bowie off "Hunky Dory", an original gender-bending anthology of otherwise spotless space-pop.
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