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Work It Harder Make It Better

... so the jungle we call our garden has been loving the recent rain so much it is growing luxuriant and luscious weeds, planted plants sprouting voraciously. Out with the power tools - whipper snipper [poor old buggered machine it is, time for a replacement I think] around the edges, attack the bouganvillia [nasty vindictive plant that is, tears you to bits as you walk past it], re-shape the citrus so you can walk past it, then mow. Well and truly cooked by the time I finished as the temp outside was baking. Looks good when it is done however. I actually quite like yard work, and in the little control-freaky world I live in, I sorta like to do it myself.

Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger

Experimenting with VMware and bootcamp on a MAC - must say it is hoopy to be able to mount multiple operating systems and launch applications seamlessly from them so they appear in the menu system of another OS. Does serve to highlight the ludicrous situation that the pooter industry finds itself in - it is surrounded by buggy junk and crap software. When will we emerge in sufficiently high-tech to just be able to run stuff without worrying about the box we run the stuff on - it is not that difficult, lordy in this day and age we certainly have the technology, just not the engineering will to make it transparent. Must say my disenchantment with the actual hardware and software continues unabated, still it interestes me how tolerant geeks are, and what shite they will put up with because there is little alternative.

More Than Ever Hour After

... now about 2 years ago "she who must be obeyed" and I started discussing what part of the year would be least disruptive for me to take some time off. Having worked at the asylum for some 18+ years, I have accrued some long service leave [well, actually quite a lot of it]. Turns out there is _never_ a good time, so we decided on part of term 1 [at least all the assessment at that time is formative] and so began the planning.

Planning time away is interesting from a "your part of the universe" perspective - helps you realise that no one is irreplaceable, and the machine that you have felt an integral part of can trundle on very well without you. Annoyed that providing solutions for the time I will be away is my responsibility, and increasingly intolerant of ignorant, rude and incompetent people, but you get that.

We wanna see tassie [overseas travel :P] but are unsure what we will find there - do Taswegians speak english, will they recognise mainland currency or will we have to take some shiny beads? Do they have electricity yet, or the Internet ... all puzzles we intend to solve. We quite like apples, so at least there will be something for us to eat. Quite looking forward to the fly-drive adventure that "she who must be obeyed" has layed out [itinerary maestro she is]. Food, sights, history, wine, the love of my life as a travel companion, no kids - does it get better than that?

Our Work Is Never Over

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk - one of three DP albums recently added to my collection - some funky junk - mixture of rock and roll, dub and base, electro guitar and elevator music that is mostly harmless.
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