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Well its too late, Tonight.

Late nights are something my brain used to do, increasingly incapable of it tho, must just be tired. Was once a night owl, these days I wake early and seem to make do with relatively few hours sleep. Tis curious.

To drag the past out, Into the light.

Migrating personal and work-related stuff from one pooter to another is interesting (my worklife - 19 years at terrace is a 17GB chunk of hard drive space) - new taptop is now running my life; old friend taptop is being decommissioned for use by my replacement when I go on LSL. I could not imagine not using a taptop to teach with which is interesting I guess - amazing what one gets used to.

I am also finding it interesting that I am now interoperably using MAC as well - infected the "FruitSalad" MAC with a 40GB virus called WindowsXP using a bootcamp parition I named "MACenstein" and that seems to run fast also - snappy little graphics subsystem makes graphical games fly. Have a VMWare XP virtual Machine and also one running Vista [just for shits and giggles] and Mac VMWare Fusion lets you launch applications in the VM and then "solo" them so they appear as Mac applications - that is fairly hoopy also. Learning heaps by screwing stuff up, which for an old brain is a good thing.

Objectivitiy is a wonderful thing - the more I use Mac, the more I wish they made a mac tablet [no, not a wanky "iTouch" interface one, just something that lets me use a stylus to drive it onscreen like I do the IBM] - would be as close to ideal as the current buggy crap hardware can get [dreams are free]. Gotta laugh at the new MacAir - still an interesting market experiment, my guess is the pooter is not as thick as the people who purchase it however. First generation of anything is usally something to be avoided [Vista anyone? - hahaha]

Were one, But were not the same there is this facility, right, that is isolated from the rest of the world - hermetically sealed actually [at least that is the in-environment myth promulgated from official channels] - where individuals are grown from original genetic stock. Each successive generation taken from the founders is grown, surgically modified to suit their chosen profession and then sent off for conditioning. Some would call this an education system, those who observe it in action would not make that mistake however. Therapies [aversion, chemical, electro and aroma], stimulus-response, group humiliation, video monitoring and negative reinforcement gradually mould the open and maleable minds into useful societal units. Their privacy and sense of self is removed, their inner most thoughts blogged for later scrutiny. Those that make it take their place [all be it briefly] in the greater scheme of things; those that do not ... well, in a closed system, all matter is good matter [waste not, want not]

The bARC conditioning centre is taking shape, an altogether darker place than I first imagined which is interesting that the idea and the implementation can differ on that almost emotional level. Although the walls are pastel, neutral and meant to calm, a deep and unsettling undercurrent pervades the space - wonder if anyone will notice [more to the point I wonder if I will be clever enough in a literary sense to convey that climate]. It is interesting sculpting a culture [allbeit removed but not entirely from out own existence] by making the space and inhabitants and letting the visitor perceive it

...oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, how do you stand existing with such a limited imagination? Sucks to be you then [and I mean that in a caring, sharing, non-judgemental way ... loser].

We get to carry each other.

Working out what I need to do to ensure everyone else copes while I am away is a nightmare - it should _not_ be my problem to have to find my own replacement [but it was], anticipating problems other people will have and putting in place stuff so they cope is a nightmare that I do not know how to complete but I _will_ walk away in 5 working days, I _will not_ be contactible for spot fires - long service leave is an entitlement [and this is the first time I have taken some after 19 years in the one place] - hope all [including me] cope.

Reflecting on the teaching profession for a moment, it is really different to other jobs - you cannot just not turn up - time away generates problems [a sick day causes issues that often take twice the time away to resolve], guilt as a driver is not a good one but thankfully the job is satisfying when the clients want to learn. I am blathering, will stop now.

Carry each other, One.

"One" by U2, a hauntingly beautiful song, not ruined by the banal irish wailing [look, I know that is heresy, I am supposed to like the folksy, cause-driven drivel that U2 stand for, but honestly I never really went for it, and am not really fooled by the multi-billionaire being paid to appear and care for those less well off either. Their early stuff where edge could not really even play his guitar is hilarious in retrospect - never better when they went euro-technic; but I digress; One is a great song - album it is on is also luscious and wonderful [Achtung baby], marking 2nd album where Brian Eno added some creative production. Listen to it, loud. You know you want to.
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Watching:: Alien [I, II, III, IV - love the Geiger influences and the suspense, still jump at the scary bits]
Reading:: "Shogun" by James Clavell [is this the original for "Last Samurai"?]
Hearing:: "Alive 07" by Daft Punk [everything old is new again when ripped off by the french]
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