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How I wish, how I wish you were here.

... well, in truth, no I do not. A break needs to be clean and after 19 years at the asylum, it is time to be somewhere else for a while. Am sure the inmates will cope, and have faith in my replacement [go Kev, love your work mate]. Gradually disentangling myself from the care, concern and guilt ties that have so firmly grabbed my attention.

...would like to pretend I am doing nothing, but am currently a DIY Dad - scraping and painting bits of the house that the painters we contracted to do the job could not be arsed to do ... do not get me started. So breathe deep - enamel-based paint solvent fumes surround me as I keep the cat from walking on the newly painted door treads.

...on a related topic, suburban archeology interests me greatly on a bunch of levels - scraping and sanding through the dozen or so layers of paint under the basic brown we applied has revealed the full tragedy that is lack of taste this poor house has had to suffer - I found maroon, blue, brown, cream, brown, lime green and the white primer over hardwood - lol. When we bought the house it was PINK with maroon trim, but it once was cream with green, white with blue and other unsavoury combinations that beggar belief.

Yes, I know our suburbs have no _real_ history [more than about 200 years at least of white man invasion] but an idea that has interested me for ages is the recording of domestic Leadlight while there is still some left. Being a leadlighter, I find it fascinating walking the suburbs and noticing the remnants of decorative glass, tiny bits of colour [in truth, most old leadlight only had colour if it was left over from church windows], faceted panes [small facets because shipping over large sheets of glass was problematic] - all very interesting to my mind - imagery and patterns whose significance has been lost through sale and re-sale of the containing property. There are still plenty of remnants of Victorian, Nouveau, Deco and other styles, some in really bad condition, sadly being replaced by sliding aluminium windows. Might get to that project some day. I used to restore old leadlights until the health aspects of working with lead in such bad condition caused me to rethink.

We are just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl. Year after year, Running over the same old ground.

Long Service Leave - such a concept. 7 weeks off [well, in truth, some of that is holidays] to do with as we please - yahoo! We leave for Tassie nearer Easter and are fly-driving, gradually wending our way around the little island [do they speak english? use decimal currency? have electricity or have heard of the interweb?], then flying over to the mainland to traverse the Great Ocean Road and gawk at the remaining stickey-uppy things in the "12 Apostles" group of monoliths - even have a helicopter tour booked - should be hoopy. Promises to be a blast, planning is some of the fun. I have a fair bit of leave owing, so, depending on how this works we shall consider other stints away. Is nice growing old with "she who must be obeyed" and 25th wedding anniversary at Cradle Mountain Lodge is a nice touch. Is comforting knowing that the kids are now adults and can look after themselves.

What have we found? The same old fears.

... so Nine Inch Nails released their next album using a metaphor that worked for Radiohead - namely they released it themselves without using a recording company, online. Site has been jammed and crashing with the demand - would have thought they would have done something about that before releasing it, but you get that. Bought, by the miracles of plastic, a 2 CD set, waiting for it to be dispatched - 2 disk INSTRUMENTAL by Reznor - a rare treat, and finally an album that does not send me to the chemists for razor blades.

Now I am not not to criticise BUT if a company is offering business over the interweb, they need to be very careful IT WORKS, particularly if they are spruiking the glories of the modern age. Handing over credit card details on the net is fraught with danger at the best of times, but when that is laced with busted pages delivering partly mangled confirmation receipts and broken links then buyer beware.

...interesting that the purchase models have broken the conventional record store - $10 for 2 disks, plus $13 for delivery ... what??? Is that American dollars? Singapore dollars or what? Guess I will see when the account arrives.

Wish you were here.

"Wish you were here" - probably my favourite Pink Floyd album of all time - lyrically rich, riding on the back of the hugely popular "Dark Side of the Moon" album - how difficult it must have been to write and release, knowing what it followed. Nonetheless rich and so many of the tracks translate so well live as well. If you have not heard it, why the hell not - go out and buy yourself a copy now, hurry up ... and no, it DOES NOT sound the same if you pirate it!
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