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Youre only one fad away from being retro; Youre only one drug away from liking techno I first heard of this band performing some wierd-ass combo of spoken word, rock, hillbilly and sci-fi opera and instantly became a fan. B52s were odd, made noise like no other band and I collected everything they released. A founding member died of AIDS before it became trendy and, after a brief hiatus, they powered on. Saw them in concert in the beloved "Festival Hall" [no sense looking that venue up anymore, is a highrise "development" now] on no less that 2 separate occasions - such frenetic energy, such extreme hair [the behive hairdo was invented for them] and plain wierdness that one could only love [because trying to understand it hurts]. Like all "responsible" acts, they split, then 16 years later they got together with the original members [minus afore mentioned dead one] and are about to release a new album - "Funplex" - there is excitement and much celebrating in the air.

... had a rant about online business sites last time, meh, jumped on the already collapsing bandwagon that was the NIN "Ghosts" release, wanting to pre-order the 4-disk instrumental collection early on the day of release, site crapped out taking my credit card and addressing information with it. Finally, after talking to tech support multiply, have it confirmed that my copy is ordered, appreard on my credit card statement and all, so that turned out hoopy.

Is it just me, or do others get nervous buying online - sheesh I know how easy it would be to fake an e-business site, how trivial it would be to create a realistic payment processing scheme - sheesh, thank goodness that there are no bad people on the net, else we might have a bit of a problem.

Youre only one glasses of pair from dyslexia; Youre only one Cleo mag from anorexia

I am increasingly intolerant of rude people. Learned last week that my students were being arses [well, in truth, some of them were, others remain decent human beings] to my replacement - am more than a little saddened and angry about that, given the effort I put in to ensure they were looked after by someone who knew their stuff and was a nice bloke to start. No accounting for them being "boys" tho, I suppose, but must admit I expected better, maybe that was naive of me. Have disassociated myself completely from the asylum now, and I must admit it suits me rather nicely. Have not been able to do so for a long time but needed to get away. Interestingly I was still having "sunday night anxiety attacks" which are not nice - they started about 5 years ago - a sign of the need for a change maybe?

Tassie looms, Easter travel and then drive, sample, sightsee, eat, drink, much merriment to follow - will be great. Pretty sure all organisation is now in place, bits and pieces sorted and sourced, bookings confirmed. Unsure how much I will journal and how much I will photo-essay. Taking "fruit salad" as media server/photo store so that should be hoopy.

Youre only one tabloid press from a lynch mob; Youre only one acting role from a real job I ventured out to the Valley on a friday night with the missus [times are busy, planned sortees necessary in schedule] for dinner and a show. Had veal at a sidewalk bistro, very nice, thanks, nice glass of shiraz, jolly good strategic planning session [itinararies are my friend, a good holiday is a planned one we believe] and then a brief but funny encounter with a "Sexy Detective".

Sketch comedy is a tricky business, even trickier intermingling it with film sketches and still maintaining pace. Sexy Detective managed it, we laughed and particularly enjoyed the poke-fun-at-geek humour. Clever ensemble, fairly tightly scripted [some absolute gems] and, with some workshopping, a nice sophisticated package - congrats to all concerned [did I see a plethora of Terracey beings there, or was it a trick of the light?]. Next time will have to stay back and chat.

Youre only five yards from a floopwit

ahh, yes, TISM [This IS Serious, Mum], on of my fav bands of all time, lyrically - the lost art of satire and witticism and sadly few young people have heard of them, worst of all even fewer have become a "Victim" at one of their concerts. Such a pity, sucks to be them.

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