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(Were going down to meet) Now I aint no student, (Feel those vibrations) of ancient culture.

I have programmed work for my students whilst away, and met my replacement - a really nice person who wants to do her best - I wish her well and sincerely hope that my students are NOT turds towards her. I would hope for some measure of maturity and making the most of what is possible, but sadly realise that some r-tards will still act like fools, affording less respect and dignity than would be reasonable. If that is YOU that I am talking to then please, pull yourself together and get on with it.

(I know I neeed excavation) Before I talk I should read a book.

Now I usually read fairly slowly, and it took me seemingly AGES to actually get into "Shogun" by James Clavell, but now I am nearly at the end, it has been an epic tale - hard work reading, his style was annoying, and a little long-winded, but none the less an interesting excape into ancient Japanese feudal times ... neh?

(Mesopotamia, thats where I wanna go) But theres one thing that I do know.

Now the time to be away, being fixed by someone is upon me, I am both relieved and terrified. Any surgery is invasive, this promises to be so with bells on. I hope, however, it brings some relief as the numbness and pain, discomfort and limited mobility is really hard to hide at times. I guess it has been fairly successful as few realise what has been put up with until now, but no more.

No real idea what the rehab will be like, but am optomistic that I might play the violin again - the surgeon said there was no reason why it should not be possible [I omitted to tell him that I do not ... actually ... know ... _how_ to play now] but I cannot fail to have confidence in the miracles of modern medicine :P Not a real fan of general anaesthetic, generally react badly to it, so that is an adventure to come also.

Still ... bring it on.

Mesopotamia, thats where I wanna go) Theres a lot of ruins in Mesopotamia.

Ahhh, "Mesopotamia" by the B52s, prolly my favourite 52s album of all time - quirky collab with David Byrne [of Talking Heads fame], it is rythmic, african, and comes from space, all rolled into one musical experience. "I will meet you by the third pyramid..." ... say HI to your Mum for me.
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Reading:: "Shogun" [yes, nearly finished]
Hearing:: "The Slip" by Nine Inch Nails [another web-hidden freebie for fans]
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pelp (n.) The crumbs and food particles that accumulate in the cracks of dining tables and under the keys of your keyboard, only to emerge when you clean or invert said container. May also contain skin, dried snot and other mystery substances that defy identification.
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