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Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down at the end of a semester, a broken semester at that, teachers and students get a chance to recharge with holidays. It is odd looking back at semester 1 2008 but I am convinced I did what was possible to minimise the effect of long service leave [which now seems like a lifetime ago] and hospital. I look forward to a relatively "normal" term, whatever that means at the asylum.

The break was, for me, necessary - exercise, physio [sadists need day jobs too I suppose], massage [oooh, the sensationall Sally can work her magic on me anytime] and some needed R&R have brought back some of the bendyness and a lot of the stability. It is odd to be such a work in progress, but you get that I suppose.

Letting the days go by/water flowing underground the winter months are inconvenient in tha you have to layer up to keep warm - although other people will be thinking "hang on, 13 degrees or so is not cold at all" and they would be right. In Brivegas we are blessed with a remarkably mild climate, and tho we make great fuss about bracing for winter, it is really fairly mild.

A winter ritual I love is the making of soup [zoupa] - one of my saturday tasks is usually to cook up a big pot of something or other that then lasts us 2-3 days worth of lunches. Stretched with some fresh crusty bread and little works its winter warming magic like home made soup.

Culinary triumphs include Minestrone, Lentil, Pumpkin, Leek&Potato, Roasted Sweet Potato, Carrot&Orange, and Chicken&Vegetable - most concocted without a recipe - smell and tasting during the build is half the enjoyment, working out what goes with what is a lot of fun, especially when you get it right. Simmered for hours, filling the house with cooking smells, there is little to rival it for comfort, expecially as you know what ingredients were put in. I used to bake the bread also, but all that kneading and proving eats a whole day, so a crusty loaf from the local breadshop is a worthy compromise. Must be ok too as the kids always come back for more.

Into the blue again/after the moneys gone

Friendship is a powerful force, learning to talk to and support friends is challenging, expecially if what your friend needs to hear is not what they want to hear. Friendship does not just happen - you have to work at it, like all worthwhile relationships. Knowing what to say and when is tricksey but actions speak louder than words I guess and so long as one potters away at it, is all good.

Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground.

Talking Heads were quirky, at times proto-punk but always interesting, the mix of bassy riffs, odd-ball percussion, innovative synth and off-planet vocalisations by David Byrne are as fresh today as when they were recorded - go listen to some.
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newify (v.) To make something, that once looked old or un-hoopy, become new again through skinning, refurbishing, painting, repairing, or some other activity dealing merely with the surface.
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